Monday, December 30, 2013

Body modification: My dermal anchor

So, I am very into the body modification lifestyle. To an extent, everyone is. If you dye your hair, or even shave your legs you are technically doing body modification. However, more minor instances don't tend to be included. I like all of it, even the most extreme cases. But body modification is a personal journey about what works for you to make yourself look how you see fit.

I have stretched earlobes (1/2 inch), tattoos, and a dermal anchor. I also used to have my lip pierced, but it has closed up. But today I'm going to be talking about my microdermal anchor, because I just got it re-done!

First and foremost I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I am not a professional by any means. I am just sharing what I have learned and believe to be fact. Feel free to correct (with sources) if I'm mistaken about something. Also I am not the best at explaining things. If you want more thorough explanations you can google 'dermal anchors'.

I'm going to cover some frequently asked questions as well as my personal experience with having it done twice.

What is a dermal anchor?
Also called microdermal anchors & micro-dermal implants, dermals are shallow piercings that only have one entry point. For instance, in a lip piercing it goes in one side of the lip, and out the other. A dermal anchor only makes a small pocket, and does not go 'out' the other side. Popular places to get a dermal anchor are on your chest, on your face (usually in a 'tear drop' placement), and on your lower back (where back dimples would be).

How does it work?
The piercer uses a needle to create a shallow pocket. Then they place the anchor part in. The anchor part resembles this: _i_   The bottom part usually has holes in it that allow your tissue to go through it and attach to it and hold it in place. Then they screw in the gem into the top. Once it's properly healed, you can change the gem out.

How do you take it out?
Aside from accidentally ripping it out (more on that in a minute.....) the only way to get it taken out is by going back to your piercer and getting them to remove it. Normally this is done by making a very small incision and removing the base.

Does it hurt?
The first time I got it done (in 2009) I don't remember it hurting at all. This could be because I have a high pain tolerance or just because my memory has faded. However when I got it re-done, in the same spot, it did hurt. Not unbearable or anything, but it wasn't pleasant. I would say the first part with the needle is just a quick sharp pain and is over quickly. However when they screw the head on, that is what hurt more. I also had to go through scar tissue that time and I had a different piercer, who was more rough in my opinion. So all of those are factors in the pain meter.

Below are pictures of me getting it done. They are not graphic but if you are easily queasy you might not want to look!

Here is when I was getting it done for the first time, in 2009.  This is the part with the needle.

One last picture of the piercing progress.

Here is immediately after I got it done the first time.

Everything was going fine for about a year...
Until one night, after consuming one too many captain & cokes, I decided to race my friend to the car (to get something, not to drive anywhere!) I veered off the sidewalk and found myself face first in a tall bush.
I didn't think anything of it that night...and I didn't feel any pain (thank you Captain Morgan). But when I looked in the mirror the next day, my poor dermal was lopsidedly hanging out.
I actually went back to the shop, got it re-set and thought it was fine. But it rejected and before I knew it it was lopsidedly hanging out again. So I went back again and got it taken out.

3 years went by and I was a very sad girl. I had gotten used to seeing my dermal in the mirror and in pictures. I missed it! I didn't feel like myself without it.

So, this Friday the 13th (December 2013) I finally took the plunge and got it re-done!

I don't have any pictures because I went by myself. But here's some photos of the after math.

This was the next day, as you can see there was still some redness around it.

notice anything different? I may be in the middle of dying my hair blonde!

So there we have it! That's the story of my dermal anchor. Any questions? Leave them in the comments below!

Follow your bliss,
Ember Darling


  1. *Warning: I'm catching up on everything I'd like to say on all you other recent posts that I just didn't get the chance to and didn't want to leave 10 short comments on each different post, hope you don't mind* :) First of all I loved the rose mani you did! I'm gonna have to try it this spring fo sho! :p That crimson look with profusion was beautiful, I love wine/burgundy colors...I wish I had easier access to profusion. My jaw kinda dropped when I saw that neoperle palette...WOW...I see a bunch of mermaid-y looks potentially coming from that :) My ipsy bad was alright...I liked the polish (I got the taupe) I got the same pop beauty trio, my bombshell thing was in girl crush...light pink with a strong gold shimmer, pretty unwearable for me so I'm giving it to my friend on new years...she might be able to use it...and the nyx lipstick I got was solid gold. Yup, solid gold lol I'll be passing that on to the same friend, she has a deeper skin tone than I do so it might work out and I got eyelashes, but I've never used lashes before, so I am kinda excited...but overall meh but I'm excited for January :) To the next post (lol trying to keep it semi short and sweet) Merry late Christmas, what a lovely boyfriend and family and friends you have, my pretty! (Muahaha <--I figured you would get my evil queen reference lol) Wonderstruck is a great scent! One of my faves! I got the Enchanted wonderstruck (the red one) and lady gaga fame and the vice 2 palette from UD and I think it's called the Ammo palette (UD too) and some cash which I'll probably turn into the naked 3 palette :D...I'm SO excited to see what you come up with from your shadows! My jaw literally dropped when I saw all three lined up, I'm sooo happy you got them, you clearly have very caring/attentive boyfriend and company! I mean, he did good! lol And I didn't know you could adopt a wale, I think that's really sweet too :) Did I say he did good yet? :p Now on to the current post *whew* I also love body mods, but I don't have very many...I have one tattoo, a few ear piercings and my nose done, I'd like to get my lip done...I have more tattoos in mind too but I just turned 18 in October and I keep forgetting I can just get the damn things done whenever I want now haha but my family gives me a lot of shit I'm not sure I even want to deal with (especially right now) so they're on the to do do you deal with (or do you get any bs at all) for your piercings and tattoos? I don't really care what the general public thinks but it kinda hurts coming from people you care about :( But I do like your dermal! I watch a girl on Youtube that has one on her wrist, but like on the back, like her outer wrist(?) eh I'm sure you know what I mean, but I really like that too! Oh and you look wonderful with red lips! And you hair is looking good! *Takes longggg breath* Alright I think that's it for now, even tough I haven't commented in while I do check out your blog just about everyday, it's just sometimes I just don't comment (on basically any blog) for a little, then I go and do something like this :p Well, I hope you have a happy new year! (Even though I plan to hopefully talk to you again before that, but just in case! Happy New Year!)

    1. Oh my god that's I thought it might have been short and sweet :p Oh well :)

    2. Oh! me again, I'd LOVE to see a comparison post between all the naked palettes if you have the time :)

    3. Oh my goodness! <3 Ok let me read it and reply one thing at a time hahah thank you so much for taking the time to comment with your thoughts!!
      -Thank you! It is definitely a spring mani, pretty in pastels and everything!
      - Thank you again! I am also OBSESSED with wine and burgundy colors! especially lately! So there will definitely be a few more looks coming that incorporate those colors!
      -You don't have any walgreens around that sell Profusion? That sucks! I could have grabbed a few to ship to you if you said something sooner, now they are pretty much all gone cause they are on sale for half off now. I agree though they contain such gorgeous colors! I have a few more Profusion holiday palettes to review and swatch so be looking out for those soon! I just want to get christmas related posts up first! I mean it's already a week after hahah I'm a liiittle behind.
      -Solid gold lipstick?? Hmmm!! that is...interesting! hah! Sorry your bag was only 'meh'. Hopefully january is awesome!
      -Merry late christmas to you too! And yes I am so lucky to be surrounded by such caring people. I definitely count my blessings this time of year, since its always a good time to reflect and be thankful.
      -I honestly can't remember which Wonderstruck I like more- I have smelled htem both in store and I am considering testing them both again and swapping them out if its the red one I like more. I can't remember! I think they both smell good though. Haven't smelled Lady Gaga's Fame, is it good?
      -Thanks! I feel like myself again. I have a lot of tattoos planned out for my lifetime, the problem is just paying for them and being able to put into words exactly what I see in my head haha. I don't really get a lot of backlash for my body mods, but I guess I don't really care much because I love them SO much I wouldn't care what others think. All I can say is that I'm sorry you encounter people that might judge or put down your choices but you gotta wear them loud & proud! They might be jealous they don't have the guts to do it :P
      - Thank you for all the compliments AND you're the only person to notice my hair! :P I haven't shown it off yet because I am currently waiting for one more cycle of dying and then it should be where I want it to be (hopefully!)
      - Thank you so much for keeping up to date on my blog it really means a lot especialyl when I get comments like these it shows you really care about what you're reading and I love that!! It makes my day so thank you again.
      If we don't speak, I hope you have a great and safe new years!
      p.s. I will for sure be posting some comparisons and be putting together looks with Naked ASAP. I just am so overwhelmed I don't even know where to begin!!

  2. Hi, well this was interesting, I never knew that they had to make a incision to remove those, what about scaring after you have it removed? especially since it is right on your face and visible. I think that would deter me but I love your makeup and your lipsticks. I have my ears pierced, my parents had them done when I was about 2 and then later on I got a second hole which I decided I didn't like because the 2 earrings in each lobe thing wasn't for me so those closed. I got my nose pierced and I wear a small diamond stud. That is about it. I like how some tattoos look, I was considering getting something pretty on my ankle because I think it looks really nice when you wear high heels but I couldn't decide what was important enough to have on my body for the rest of my life so I didn't get anything lol a flower is pretty in theory but to have it etched on my body forever seemed a bit much even though I though it is cute.Personally I don't like when tattoos are over done and taking over the body but I do think that when men who have nice toned biceps and a few nice tattoos on them it is pretty hot lol


    1. I meant to mention scarring! I think it depends a lot on where its at but for me, it was on my face clearly. The scarring looked like maybe a small red dot at first but by the time I got it redone you couldn't really tell where it was, except you could feel it. Does that make sense? You can't tell by looking but when you rub your finger over the spot you can feel that it's different. Thank you, those were kind of teasers and I plan to make posts about both of the makeup looks above! :) And I plan on having lots of tattoos. I only have 4 right now, though. I love the look of them! Well, as long as they are done right :P

  3. That looks really good on you! I don't have any piercings besides my ears, which I don't have any earrings anymore, so I rarely wear anything. I've thought about getting my nose or lip pierced but I don't have the balls for it. This was a really interesting post!

    1. Thank you! I think you should go for it :D If you don't like it you can always let it close. My lip did hurt to get pierced but that's only because it's sore for a few days afterwards. But it's worth it!

  4. That is awesome! I wish my job allowed me to have piercings. I have an eyebrow ring, but I have to take it out all the time for work.


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