Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Profusion Neoperle Palette (blue) review & swatches

I was perusing my local Walgreens last week when I started eyeing all the holiday gift sets that were out.
I have to admit- I hit the jackpot!
I found every thing I was looking for! And more! Such a great haul. But instead of doing a haul post I love all the products so much I want to just post a review/swatches of each product!

So basically this product falls under the "more than what I was looking for" category. I didn't even realize it existed. I was looking for some $1 Profusion products I had heard about and stumbled onto this instead.

Priced at $2 and sized a little smaller than a checkbook, this little palette or "journal set" packs quite a punch!

I have no idea what a journal set is, and I have never heard that in reference to eyeshadows. But ok, Profusion. You keep doin' yo' thing.

That's right, 15 eyeshadows for $2! I literally could not say no to this deal.
[moment of realization. This is actually not the first palette I bought. Notice the title says (blue). This palette also comes in 2 other colors. I first bought the green one and was so impressed I HAD to go back out and get the other two.]

Anyway, I couldn't wait to get home and swatch these shadows!

Full disclosure about these swatches: they are not one-swipe swatches. I do not find those to be accurate considering when I put on eyeshadow I don't expect to only use one swipe. Also, half of the swatch is done over Urban Decay primer potion and the other half is over bare skin. As you can probably see, though, you can't tell at all where the primer is. So while the primer would help to keep the eyeshadow on longer, it does not do anything for pigmentation.

As we start with row 1 you can immediately see that these shadows are super pigmented. The shadows themselves are so soft- maybe even a little too soft. But they are silky smooth. Look at that blue! So bright!

Since my camera only focused on the first 2 shadows in the first picture here's another picture with the focus shifted to the last few shades.

Row 2 of this palette includes one of my favorite colors- the third one. So pretty! :)

Come on! Look at these colors! THEY'RE SO GREAT!

Again with the focus issue so here you can see the second shades better.

Ughhh look at these babies!

All in all- while I wouldn't call any of these shades groundbreakingly original, they are so, so freaking pigmented!
And all for only $2? Consider me sold!

I really urge everyone to try and go out and find these palettes. There are 3 different colored packagings, and I have reviews coming for all of them!

What do you think? Is this palette worth $2? Are you gonna try and find these at Walgreens?
Let me know below!

Follow your bliss,
Ember Darling

p.s. I am changing something MAJOR about my appearance this week! o0o stay tuned to find out what it is!
OR head over to Budget Splurge Beauty's Facebook to see it first, before the blog! ;)


  1. Wow, that's an awesome deal. o.o Don't think we have the brand here, sadly.

    1. aw that's too bad! I find they only really show up at christmastime at Walgreens. thanks for stopping by!

  2. Seriously only $2 for those gorgeous metallic shades!! what a great buy!


    1. I know right!! the price is RIGHT huh! :P xox

  3. Oh my lord. I thought that said Neopets. LOL. I keep passing by this palette without a second look but this looks amazing. I might have to go pick it up!

    1. HAHAHAH. I keep thinking that too!!! They are definitely the kind of product you wouldn't give a second look to but I'm SO glad I did! I definitely suggest picking some up or really any other profusion product because they are so cheap it's like, why not? Lol!


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