Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Makeup by One Direction: The Looks Collection & GIVEAWAY!

Makeup lovers and One Direction fans alike will be so excited for what I'm about to show you!

The Looks Collection is the new collection of Makeup by One Direction that is coming to stores this August! It has 3 keepsake tins inspired by each One Direction album- Up All Night, Take Me Home, and Midnight Memories!
Each tin has a different theme to it to help you achieve a different look- are you a rock'n'roll type? A fun party girl? Or perhaps the girl next door look is what you're going for! Either way there's something for you, complete with illustrations in each tin to help you achieve the right look.

The cool part is that each Limited Edition tin comes with One Direction doodle stencils so you can decorate you tin and make it unique to your style!

This line will be available worldwide, and starting in the US!
First it will be available at Macy's on August 11th
Then, on August 25th you can find it at Stage Stores, Dillards, Beauty Brands & Lord and Taylor.

International release dates are yet to be determined. I'm not sure if these collections will be available online at the above retailers but I hope they are!

Each tin comes with: a lipgloss, lipstick, eyeshadow quad, chubby pencil, mascara, stencils, and nail polish. Literally everything you need to make a complete look!

I don't know the price point of these makeup tins yet, but since it comes with SO much I can't imagine the price will be unreasonable. You can make a whole look using just the tin, not to mention the tin itself is a collectible!

Info on each individual tin can be found below:

Which one is your favorite? I honestly can't choose! I like Take Me Home but I also like Up All Night!

The coolest part to me is the lipgloss- lip gloss that changes color under UV light? GENIUS! I want one of those for sure!

Now for the fun part- the giveaway! Make sure you read the official rules because this giveaway is not run by me. I am hosting this giveaway courtesy of Brandbacker! I'm not being compensated in any way but I really wanted to give my readers a chance to win something from this awesome makeup collection!

You can find this collection on Facebook at
You can also check out the hashtags #Makeupby1d #thelookscollection #markwins

This giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only- sorry international readers!


Are you excited? Did you enter! Don't forget to spread the word and increase your chances of winning! Good luck guys!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

4th of July makeup- red white and blue cut crease

4th of July may have been weeks ago but that doesn't mean I'm done talking about it!
The truth is that I will probably never be one of those bloggers that posts their makeup/nails for an event..before the actual event happens. I mean let's just be real I don't know what I'm wearing until I put it on my face on my way out the door!

So here's what I came up with for July 4th this year. A totally predictable red, white, and blue cut crease

Pretty patriotic looking, eh?

This look came to life thanks to my Sugarpill @#$%! pressed eyeshadow (red), Nyx Jumbo pencil in Milk and Wet n Wild white from I <3 Matte 8-pan (white) and Chella indigo eyeliner (blue).

Then I completed the look with Nyx soft matte lip cream in Amsterdam

This was definitely a very tricky cut crease since white is obviously very easy to mess up!! So I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping it white!

Once again I must comment that the Chella eyeliner is extremely difficult to use. I discovered this is because the liquid does not come out when you first press down, so this makes it difficult to make an even and straight line because you actually have to put the pen down ahead of where you want to start, for the line to show up where you want it.

All in all I was feeling very festive!

Now here's some bonus pictures of me messing around with some sparklers! You can kinda see my outfit in these pictures which is, of course, very festive at all.

For what it's worth the top is from Target from 2 years ago that I got on clearance for $3 and kept saving for July 4th. Well I missed last July 4th because I couldn't find it so I finally got to wear it this year!
And the red pants are from Kmart.
I live on a budget, yo.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day! Did you do any festive makeup for the holiday?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Birthday Makeup part 2: as close to neutral that I get

I know it's a few weeks late now but I'm still gonna show part 2 of my birthday makeup (and yes, there is a part 3 coming!)

The weekend before my birthday I decided to go out to a local bar (club?) for sink or swim night and dancing.
I am terribly sad that in all the excitement, I didn't get a picture of my outfit even though I was pretty stoked on it. However I did take a picture when I was trying on the outfit.
Skirt and crop top both from Target Juniors section
Anyway I decided to do somewhat simple makeup because I had a really busy patterned top on.

This is basically as close to neutral makeup that I get. I stuck to more neutral colors but added a pop of mint green in the corner.

Of course, that still wasn't enough color so I put on purple lips to complete the look.

I did an ombre lip similar to the ones I've been rockin sporadically since easter. MAC Punk couture is on the outside but I can't remember what I used for the inside.

Anyway I should have done something darker or brighter to make it more noticeable in the dark.

We ended up not staying long and decided to walk down the street to a Gamestop. It's basically a big arcade for adults with a bar and everything. We only had a little more than an hour to spend there before they closed, but we had a lot of fun! My boyfriend and I were able to rack up a ridiculous amount of tickets to spend. We traded them in for candy, tattoos, and a rhinestone covered princess wand for yours truly.

After that, we finished the night up by going back to the bar for a few more drinks before last call.
On our way back to the bar we passed another bar that was blasting NSYNC and to be honest that was the highlight of my night.

All in all it was an unexpected birthday celebration but I had fun!

This picture is shown with flash.

I ended out the night with my boyfriend sneakily requesting We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus and dedicating it to me for my birthday. Then the lights came up and it was time to go home!

I ended up having a great pre-birthday weekend, even if my makeup WAS on the boring side ;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Red Coat Tuesday: 100th Episode!

As you may or may not know, Pretty Little Liars is my favorite TV show. I am horribly, insanely obsessed with it.

When I discovered ColorMeSoCrazy started a Red Coat Tuesday tag, I was already doing PLL themed nails for big episodes. I'm gonna love this, I thought! I'll do this awesome link up every week! Cue an embarrassing amount of Tuesdays later, and I am just now able to get a post up in time! I felt especially motivated to join in this week because it's a special occasion- the 100th episode!

Usually the rules of the linkup are simple: put together a beauty look incorporating the color red. Usually this is nail art (get it? Red, coat??) but makeup looks are also welcome.
But this week had an extra challenge: incorporate the number 100 into your look, and get creative!

So I put together a makeup look. And yes, I incorporated 100! At first I was stumped. But then I got a little creative and snuck it in!

I have to start off by saying this is one of my favorite looks I've ever done. I love it so much!

So what's the deal with that funky swirl, you ask? Well, it's my rough interpretation of the Egyptian Hieroglyphic symbol for 100!
Here's the thing. I know it's pretty wobbly. Out of place, even. But I am not kidding when I say I had to try 10+ times just to get it to look like this. So, yeah, this was the best it was gonna get.

But I thought it was a fun sneaky way to put 100 in my look.

I left one side without because I really, really loved the look without the swirl.

Aside from my usual holy grail items, the starts of this show are above.
Jesse's Girl waterproof eyeliner pen, Wet n Wild I <3 Matte 8-pan for the black. Smashbox Russian Rouge, and Sugarpill limited edition @#$%! eyeshadow.

Both the Smashbox and the Sugarpill eyeshadows were graciously gifted from my dear blogging friend, Autumn. I have her to thank for my first Sugarpill product!!

The next 2 pictures were taken with my iphone with no flash, just illuminated by my light-up mirror.

To achieve this look I first put a Sephora kohl liner in the inner and outter corners of my eye. I blended that and added matte black eyeshadow on top. I put a few dabs of Nyx Milk chubby pencil in the center and pat Smashbox Russian Rouge on top of it. I then layered Sugarpill's  @#$%! and continued to blend, then add more black, then blend, then add more red, until I was satisfied.

It's true what they say, blend blend until you think you can blend no more. Then blend some more. I still could have blended more!

Funny that the red mixing with the black gave it almost a purple feel. I assure you, it's black and red!
I used the Jesse's girl waterproof eyeliner pen to draw the hieroglyphic. I smudged the black eyeshadow along my bottom lid and then smudged the red overtop of it.
Lastly, I am wearing Nyx Matte lipstick in Perfect Red.

What do you think of my 100th episode look?

Here is the link up I am so excited to be a part of!