Monday, July 14, 2014

Birthday Makeup part 2: as close to neutral that I get

I know it's a few weeks late now but I'm still gonna show part 2 of my birthday makeup (and yes, there is a part 3 coming!)

The weekend before my birthday I decided to go out to a local bar (club?) for sink or swim night and dancing.
I am terribly sad that in all the excitement, I didn't get a picture of my outfit even though I was pretty stoked on it. However I did take a picture when I was trying on the outfit.
Skirt and crop top both from Target Juniors section
Anyway I decided to do somewhat simple makeup because I had a really busy patterned top on.

This is basically as close to neutral makeup that I get. I stuck to more neutral colors but added a pop of mint green in the corner.

Of course, that still wasn't enough color so I put on purple lips to complete the look.

I did an ombre lip similar to the ones I've been rockin sporadically since easter. MAC Punk couture is on the outside but I can't remember what I used for the inside.

Anyway I should have done something darker or brighter to make it more noticeable in the dark.

We ended up not staying long and decided to walk down the street to a Gamestop. It's basically a big arcade for adults with a bar and everything. We only had a little more than an hour to spend there before they closed, but we had a lot of fun! My boyfriend and I were able to rack up a ridiculous amount of tickets to spend. We traded them in for candy, tattoos, and a rhinestone covered princess wand for yours truly.

After that, we finished the night up by going back to the bar for a few more drinks before last call.
On our way back to the bar we passed another bar that was blasting NSYNC and to be honest that was the highlight of my night.

All in all it was an unexpected birthday celebration but I had fun!

This picture is shown with flash.

I ended out the night with my boyfriend sneakily requesting We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus and dedicating it to me for my birthday. Then the lights came up and it was time to go home!

I ended up having a great pre-birthday weekend, even if my makeup WAS on the boring side ;)


  1. wow you really went all out for your birthday! I love my birthday so I don't blame you, I actually celebrate for like a month! lol. I love the winged liner and I'm all for purple!

    1. haha I didn't really. I went out on a weekend night, then went to the movies on my actual birthday. I just made sure to look good both days! I love birthdays and try to have as much fun as possible on/near them! ;) Thanks for the compliments! I am a little obsessed with purple lips lately! Whoops! :P


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