Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Red Coat Tuesday: 100th Episode!

As you may or may not know, Pretty Little Liars is my favorite TV show. I am horribly, insanely obsessed with it.

When I discovered ColorMeSoCrazy started a Red Coat Tuesday tag, I was already doing PLL themed nails for big episodes. I'm gonna love this, I thought! I'll do this awesome link up every week! Cue an embarrassing amount of Tuesdays later, and I am just now able to get a post up in time! I felt especially motivated to join in this week because it's a special occasion- the 100th episode!

Usually the rules of the linkup are simple: put together a beauty look incorporating the color red. Usually this is nail art (get it? Red, coat??) but makeup looks are also welcome.
But this week had an extra challenge: incorporate the number 100 into your look, and get creative!

So I put together a makeup look. And yes, I incorporated 100! At first I was stumped. But then I got a little creative and snuck it in!

I have to start off by saying this is one of my favorite looks I've ever done. I love it so much!

So what's the deal with that funky swirl, you ask? Well, it's my rough interpretation of the Egyptian Hieroglyphic symbol for 100!
Here's the thing. I know it's pretty wobbly. Out of place, even. But I am not kidding when I say I had to try 10+ times just to get it to look like this. So, yeah, this was the best it was gonna get.

But I thought it was a fun sneaky way to put 100 in my look.

I left one side without because I really, really loved the look without the swirl.

Aside from my usual holy grail items, the starts of this show are above.
Jesse's Girl waterproof eyeliner pen, Wet n Wild I <3 Matte 8-pan for the black. Smashbox Russian Rouge, and Sugarpill limited edition @#$%! eyeshadow.

Both the Smashbox and the Sugarpill eyeshadows were graciously gifted from my dear blogging friend, Autumn. I have her to thank for my first Sugarpill product!!

The next 2 pictures were taken with my iphone with no flash, just illuminated by my light-up mirror.

To achieve this look I first put a Sephora kohl liner in the inner and outter corners of my eye. I blended that and added matte black eyeshadow on top. I put a few dabs of Nyx Milk chubby pencil in the center and pat Smashbox Russian Rouge on top of it. I then layered Sugarpill's  @#$%! and continued to blend, then add more black, then blend, then add more red, until I was satisfied.

It's true what they say, blend blend until you think you can blend no more. Then blend some more. I still could have blended more!

Funny that the red mixing with the black gave it almost a purple feel. I assure you, it's black and red!
I used the Jesse's girl waterproof eyeliner pen to draw the hieroglyphic. I smudged the black eyeshadow along my bottom lid and then smudged the red overtop of it.
Lastly, I am wearing Nyx Matte lipstick in Perfect Red.

What do you think of my 100th episode look?

Here is the link up I am so excited to be a part of!


  1. That's really beautiful! I love red and black eyes and I like the color placement alot, I normally just put black all over my lid then smoke it out with red so I'll definately take some inspiration from this! Oh and I love how you snuck 100 in there...very creative :)

    1. thanks girl! I bet that looks awesome too! I was loving how the red mixed with the black at the top, but the middle pop of red was necessary to be considered "red coat" ;) Thanks so much xo

  2. Teach me!! I am horrible at doing eyeshadow!

    1. haha I could try! I'm still learning myself. I know it sounds lame but practice really does matter. I scoffed when people told me that but I can see myself getting better and better each time I practice. It's no coincidence! Lol!


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