Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MAC Punk Couture lipsticks (swatches & review)

So if you've been hanging around for a while then you might remember when I bought my first MAC products. It feels like just yesterday I was wrapping my fingers around those sleek black packages for the first time.

MAC always seemed like a faraway fantasy for me. It always seemed out of my reach. It wasn't until semi-recently that I took a closer look at the prices.
While they aren't something I can afford frequently, I can certainly splurge every once in a while on it.

When I heard the name 'punk couture collection' in passing, my ears immediately perked up and I dove headfirst into the internet to find this magical myth. I didn't know what to expect. I knew that anytime a mainstream brand claims to be "punk" it's probably the furthest thing from being 'punk'. But considering my style is dark and alternative at best, I was still totally intrigued.

Which led me to the website Spektra. It's a message board all about makeup, mostly MAC and only other high end brands. I lurked and lurked and joined and commented and fell in love with the collection months before the release date. I came up with a plan on how to get my hands on the collection weeks ahead of time.

The babies I had my eyes on in particular with the lipsticks. Most everything else in the collection was re-promotes, but the lipsticks were brand new, matte, and oh so gorgeous.

So the day after Christmas I got out of bed bright and early to arrive at the local mall just in time for opening. There is a MAC counter inside Dillard's, and I made a beeline for it. I was the first person there and the sales woman knew exactly what I was looking for! She even said that some people had already called and reserved some of the collection, which was extremely limited. I was so grateful to be able to get my hands on all 4 lippies!

I could basically drool over this picture all day! Le'ts break it down from left to right!
Studded Kiss- a medium darkened matte red. I almost didn't get this one! But who doesn't love a darkened red lip? The only red I have is bright so I eventually decided that I needed this.
Punk Couture- To me this is the definition of  mate purple! It is more blue-toned than red, which is hard to come by. It was love at first sight with this lipstick and me!
Haute Core- black matte. I can tell you that I have searched for black lipstick for a while. All the ones I have found are either not pigmented enough or so patchy it's not worth it. When I heard there would be a matte black I was excited to get my hands on it!
Instigator- burgundy purple. This is a hard color to explain because from what I've seen it is different on everyone! All I needed to know was that it was matte and dark and I was on board!

Swatches from left to right- Instigator, Punk Couture, Haute Core, Studded Kiss
As you can see in the swatches, these are very pigmented and fairly matte. As you can also see, from the edges of the swatches, is that at first swipe the colors can be patchy. I found this the same on the lips. One swipe won't do the trick but a little layering and there's no problems. I didn't find them to be too difficult to apply, but I know some people have had trouble.
Since they are matte, it is best to prime your lips a little before applying- exfoliate, and perhaps put on a lip balm to add moisture.
In my lip swatches however I did no prep. I just applied it straight from the tube!

Instigator. In certain lighting it is this beautiful blackened purple. But mostly for me, it ends up looking so dark it's almost black. I will be experimenting different ways to apply this to get the most out of the color, and perhaps I will share them on the blog when I find the best way that works for me!
As you can see it's not that matte. This is the kind of lipstick that needs a little bit of time to set. However I found that overall it doesn't get too mattified.

Studded Kiss is a dark red as promised. It's not anything ground-breaking but I really like it! I think I like it even more than the red I usually wear.

Haute Core is a solid black that I love! I think it looks great.

On new years eve I put on Haute Core and dabbed half baked from the Naked palette in the center , I really loved how it turned out.

Perfect for New Years Eve!
I can't talk about the wear of any of the lipsticks because I haven't worn them for extended periods of time. But when I wore haute core on NYE it lasted all night through drinking, eating, and smoking. I know this is due in part to half baked acting like a setting powder on top but it's still pretty impressive that it lasted through the wee hours of the morning.

Last but not least, my favorite of the bunch: Punk Couture! This is a true purple lippie and I am so happy to have it in my arsenal. I find myself wanting to wear it ALL the time!

So these lipsticks sold out RIDIC quick. If you weren't able to snatch it up I'm afraid the only place you might find them is ebay or other re-sellers.

As for me, I am so glad I splurged on this collection of lipsticks. They are a must-have for me!


  1. Very nice. I haven't seen many people wearing these, just swatches on their hands/arms. Thanks for sharing!

    PS- The black on you with no make-up looks amazing!

    1. I agree! I saw mostly hand swatches, I think its because a lot of people are afraid of the bold shades. But they are right up my alley!
      Thank you! Haha! I hardly ever wear makeup to be honest so when I wanted to swatch them I wasn't going to put a whole face on just to take pictures of lipstick LOL. But black is one of those that it's best with a simple face anyway! thanks for leaving a comment, doll xo

  2. Investigator looks like an interesting shade. I've seen it on someone and it looked almost like a bright purple! Great post!


    1. It's sooo interesting. It changes for EVERYONE! Truly! When I walked into the store the associate was wearing it and it looked soooo beautiful on her. Unfortunately most of the time for me it looks nearly black! So I will be experimenting on ways to make it look different. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I love seeing new faces around here :) I just checked out your blog and I LOVE it! You've definitely gained a new follower :D

  3. hey girly,
    please check out my blog & follow if you like :)


  4. OMG I'm in love with Studded Kiss! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get my hands on it. Can't wait until I cant.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  5. OMG I'm in love with Studded Kiss! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get my hands on it. Can't wait until I cant.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  6. I really like the 2 purple-ish lipsticks! They're different and I think they'd be fun to wear!


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