Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Where have I been?

So you might have wondered where I've been for the past few weeks. Or let's be real you probably didn't notice. But the point is, I was preparing for my first ever trip out of the country! & consequently, my first ever cruise!

Back in November my boyfriend and I stumbled upon a deal with Disney Cruise Line for Florida residents. It was a last minute deal- applying to cruises in January and February only. Our 3 year anniversary fell on January 23rd so our interest was piqued. I've never been on a cruise, like I just said, and my boyfriend had never been on a Disney cruise.
We have talked about going on a cruise before but it's never been in the finances. Disney cruises are notoriously more expensive, of course. But we are a little bit obsessed with Disney. If you didn't know, we have annual passes to Walt Disney World. We met and bonded over the Lion King super nintendo game. Our first official date was to see Tangled in theaters. And for our 2 year anniversary we stayed in a Lion King suite at the Art of Animation resort in Disney World. Do you see a theme here?

Yes, Disney is a running theme throughout our lives and relationship. We really bond over it.

So when we saw a deal that made a Disney cruise just about the same price as, say, another cheaper line of cruises, we couldn't say no! So we chose the one that departed the day after our anniversary, a Friday-Monday 3 day Caribbean cruise aboard the Disney Magic!

I have been so busy doing as much research as possible, packing our bags, and generally trying to figure out what to do.

I even had dreams about leaving without my makeup. Yeah. I was clearly anxious about this! Beauty blogger alert.

So this post is an introduction to the next few posts, which will be a day-by-day account of my cruise. I really want to write it all out and have it forever and post pictures so, yeah! I'm really excited because I have not done much traveling in my life. So it was a really special experience for me.

I also hope to give a better idea about Disney Cruises out there to people who- like me- think they can't afford it.
For instance, did you know you can bring your own alcohol on board? Yep. No restrictions. As long as it fits in your carry on, you can carry it on! Disney is one of the only cruises that lets you do this. So we really figured the cost we would save on alcohol would make up for the slight price difference between Disney and Carnival. And, like, it's Disney. We were kinda foolish though because we still ended up buying some drinks on board. It's just so too tempting to pass up their perfectly crafted fancy drinks in favor of a plain ole' rum & coke.

So after the few posts about the cruise, it will be back to beauty blogging as usual! I hope you enjoy my posts though because traveling is something I love and would love to be able to do more in my life.

And of course I did my makeup every day so there will be some beauty aspect to it! Plus you can see my plethora of over-packed outfits!

Alright so thanks for sticking around through this pause of posts and hope you enjoy the ones coming!

Follow your bliss,
Ember Darling

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