Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Makeup

I may not be a huge football fan, but I love the excitement that surrounds the Super Bowl each year.

Between the rivalries, delicious food, top notch commercials, beer, and entertaining half time show, I think there's something for everyone. If nothing else it's a good excuse to get together with some friends, eat some good food and drink some cold beer!

Even though I don't follow football closely, I do enjoy watching it. I don't have any favorite teams so I just choose my favorite team out of whichever 2 are playing in the game I'm watching.

However, I have a huge soft spot for Seattle because I have plans to move there within the next few years. I consider it my future home and for that reason, I am a supporter!

So this year I thought I'd show my support by doing my makeup in Seahawks colors.

Unfortunately as we all know by now, the Seahawks ended up losing in a nail biting ending. I was disappointed but then flipped my tv to the Puppy Bowl and let's be honest, it's pretty hard to be upset after that!

I think my favorite thing about this look is that it's almost entirely budget-friendly products!

On my eyes I first put down a base of Nyx jumbo pencil in Milk to make the colors pop
I put a mid tone teal blue from the BH cosmetics 120 palette (1st edition) all over my lid, leaving the inner corner bare
I put a dark navy blue in the crease from my Profusion black jewel palette (swatches here )
I added a bit more depth in the outer corner with the matte black from the Wet n Wild I <3 matte 8-pan.
I mixed some neon greens from the BH cosmetics 120 palette and applied it to the inner corner, bringing it down on my lower lid and blending.

The last step I did that I regret is I used the shade Sabbath from the Urban Decay The Black Palette to line my lower lash line.
Every time I use something from The Black Palette I am reminded that these colors just do not work for me. They go muddy immediately and the color blends away leaving just a blackened mess. This application was no exception.
The Black Palette was actually my first experience with Urban Decay, and I got it on clearance. I'm glad I didn't write off the brand after that experience because I read several reviews that echoed the problem I had.

Shades marked with a daisy were all the ones I used from this palette.

I really like this look.

To complete it I wore my favorite lipstick combination that I can't get enough of lately. More to come on that soon! It is also bargain brands, but unfortunately they were limited edition products.

with flash
So that was the look I wore to bring some team spirit into the game. Sadly it wasn't enough. Maybe next year!

As for the rest of the game, I enjoyed Katy Perry's half time show, especially Missy Elliot's guest appearance!
I also loved how everyone on my twitter feed was live tweeting the half time show. My favorite part was the fireworks and when Katy rode off on a the-more-you-know shooting star.
I think my favorite commercials were the Budweiser puppy commercial (of course!) and the Liam Neeson commercial. I will admit though I did miss quite a few, including the girl-power tampon commercial but I did hear about it and loved what I heard!

What was your favorite part of the Super Bowl? Who were you rooting for? Let me know in the comments!


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