Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fing'rs In Mint Condition: Review

Hey beauties! Sorry my beauty posts have been a little MIA lately. I have been keeping up with Inner beauty though, thanks to the YALLFest interviews I am lucky enough to post! 

But this review has been a long time coming. Honestly I'm not thrilled about writing a bad review but I have to be totally honest.

*note: these pictures were taken quite a while ago, before I really hit a niche with photographing, so take THAT with a grain of salt ;) *

Fingrs In Mint Condition
Fingrs Heart 2 Art In Mint Condition
I purchased a few Fing'rs Heart 2 Art polishes a few months ago when the display first appeared at Walmart. You may remember me posting about it in my Walmart haul post. 

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I had heard from several bloggers that In Mint Condition polish was a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid dream. Being obsessed with all things mermaids, I wanted to purchase that polish but, being on a budget, definitely couldn't allow myself to. So, even though the dupe is not related to mermaids, I still had to have it! Besides, let's be real, it's gorgeous!

In Mint Condition is a pale seafoam green shade with gold shimmer and teal glitter. It has a metallic feel to it as well. Naturally, I was so excited to get this on my nails!
Fingrs in mint condition bottle shot
In Mint Condition bottle shot
That excitement was short lived, however. 

Fingrs in mint condition brush

As soon as I opened the bottle I noticed how thick it was. You can see in the brush shot above that the polish is thick.

The first nail wasn't bad...then I started the second nail and started to notice the problem. After the third nail I was extremely frustrated. I have literally never encountered a polish this thick. It was so difficult to work with because it clumped up, like oatmeal. 
fingrs in mint condition manicure

The glitters, which don't seem that big, clump the rest of the polish up. It is extremely hard to get even coats on this. The polish even thickened at the end of the brush, making it almost impossible to get even coverage.

I think it goes without saying that this polish is NOT self-leveling.

clumpiness of fingrs in mint condition

I think this close-up does a good job of showing how clumpy the polish turned out to be. 

Overall, the formula was AWFUL! IT's a shame because this is a very pretty shade. It's difficult to photograph because of the metallic foil effect, but in person it's quite pretty.

All in all, I would not recommend anyone to get this polish. I don't feel so bad because it was under $2. Maybe some day when I pick up polish thinner I might try this again but for now it has remained untouched in my stash.

fingrs in mint condition in sunlight

Last but not least, here's a picture in the sunlight. Honestly this is a pretty accurate representation of how it looks. Not great, but not terrible. 
Also, note the picture of me and my boy in the back. heheh

TLDR;  I would say this polish was not worth the hype, which is a huge disappointment. I hope I can make it wearable in the future otherwise this will probably not go on my nails again. It's a gorgeous color but the formula is too much of a nightmare.

Have you tried any of Fing'rs Heart 2 Art polishes? Specifically, In Mint Condition? Did you find the application and formula as troubling as I did?

Follow your bliss,
Ember Darling


  1. never heard of this brand, but thanks for the heads up!

    A One Way Ticket to My World


    1. No problem! I had never heard of them either but they are really cheap so I gave them a try. The other 2 polishes I got were glitters and they were way easier to deal with. thanks for stopping by and commenting xo

  2. What a downer ...but the next you're at sally's beauty supply you have to try brainy in the sallygirl polishes...its 99 cents and a dupe for the same thing and the formulas pretty good! It took 3 thin coats but it turned out really good :)

    1. oooh thanks! I will have to go check it out this weekend! thanks for sharing!


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