Monday, March 24, 2014

February IPSY glam bag

{Chandler Bing voice} Could I BE any more behind?!

Well, enjoy looking at my Ipsy glam bag for February. The theme for Feb was ~The look of love~ which, of course makes sense since february is often seen as the love month since it contains Valentine's day. 

The bag itself is definitely one of my favorites I have ever gotten. The outside is just a simple bright pink with white zipper detail...but the real shine is on the inside!

Leopard print interior! I love it. 

Usually I tend to talk about the products in order either from most favorite to least OR vice versa. But this time I pretty much like all items equally except for the obvious star of the bag, the Zoya polish. 

However first I'll talk about the only item I am less than impressed with. Another Pop beauty product. I have received a few items from this brand in my Ipsy bags and can say I've never really been impressed with either of them.

This is a mini version of the Plump Pout lipgloss...I read online that there was a problem with one of the batches that went out that had an awful taste and smell and even went so far as to burn those with sensitive skin. MEGA yikes!! Luckily mine wasn't effected by this. 

I got the shade Peony Petal which reminds me of a dusty rose type color.

Now, I'm not a fan of lipgloss in general so this wasn't a win for me.

Here's the lipgloss in more bright lighting (with my daylight bulbs shining) it's a nice pink, and I'm not normally a pink person. But I rather like this color. 

Here is the color again in different lighting as you can see it is actually a bit darker than the picture above would lead you to believe. I think it looks rather nice on my lips but like I said I really hate lip gloss. One positive point was that it wasn't 'tingly' which most products that are 'plumping' tend to make your lips feel a bit strange. 

Like I said this is a mini version of the product however there are NO sizes on the POP beauty website so I have no idea how to calculate how much this is worth. In addition, there is no mini size to buy from the website so I am just going to say the full price, even though this is NOT the full price item. 

This product can be bought here for $16
Would I buy it again? No, as you might have guessed since I said 5 times that I don't like lip gloss. I would certainly never pay $16 for it. 

A product that I feel neither here nor there about is this pair of false eyelashes from Again I have gotten a product in a past Ipsy bag and was defintiely NOT impressed. But I am always down for fake eyelashes. They are the type of product that I like having on hand but wouldn't necessarily go out and buy them (except for special occasions). Honestly I still haven't used the first pair I got in my IPSY bag but I am still glad that I got them both!

These are in the style EL 213 and come with lash glue which is always a plus.

They look pretty typical for me, if a little cheap looking. 

This product retails for a typical $3.99 on their website here
I can't say if I would repurchase this since I have yet to use them. However I am more inclined to buy lashes that I can get ahold of easily at the drug store, vs ones that I have to buy online. 

The next product is from a brand I have never tried, City Color. I was very intrigued by a matte blush, though!
I am not a blush person. I have literally bought one in the past 3 years. I don't know how to shop for blush and the one I've been using looks okay so I just haven't looked for alternatives! I do however want to try NARS Orgasm but that's a story for another day

I got the shade Fresh Melon which is a pinky coral. After looking at some of the other shades other IPSY bags got, I'm very pleased with this shade.

On the left is a straight swipe or two and on the right is a more blended out look. Interestingly enough it seems to look more orange/coral once you blend it out. Do you see that too, or is it just me? Either way this is a pretty straightforward blush.

This retails for only $2.99 on their website here
Whether or not I would repurchase really depends on how well it wears and if it looks good on my face. I have yet to swatch it on my cheeks but I like the quality and color other than that and the price is RIGHT. So, there's a strong possibility I would repurchase.

I also got a Mally waterproof eyeliner. 

The shade is Starshine (the IPSY website says Starlight which is interesting since that is wrong.) which as you can see is silver. I like this silver eyeliner much better than the last one as it's way easier to apply and supposed to be waterproof (although I must admit I didn't test it!) But I am a little perplexed as to why they would include silver eyeliner twice in such a small period of time. I mean, I will definitely use this one, a LOT more than the other one, but it seems a little much.

This product is a full size and sells for $15 over at Mally beauty's website
I would think about repurchasing this product if it weren't for the price. There are lots of great eyeliners for less than that and ones that are even better at the same price point. So I would buy one of those instead. However, I am going to use this up for sure! 

Last but certainly not least is my Zoya nail polish.

I got the shade Odette which is part of the Natural Collection. I don't see how purple is Natural but who am I to say? I am just happy to have received my second Zoya polish without actually purchasing them ;)

Here is Odette after just one coat. As you can see it's not very opaque and definitely needs more coats. 

Here is Odette built up to full opacity. The only complaint I would have about this polish is that it's not that great at self leveling. But a great top coat would fix that. 

This full size product is $9 on the Zoya website
I of course would not repurchase this shade (I have never needed to buy two of a nail polish shade and don't know anyone who has) but I would purchase Zoya again for sure since they are well known for being one of the best brands. I would personally wait for a sale though or buy them used if I could because the price is a little steep for my taste. 

My february glam bag was valued at $46.98 which is pretty impressive considering two of the items were under $5. Of course I only spent $10 so once again I am walking away with a steal!
I mean think of it this way, this is like if I bought the Zoya polish, paid $1 shipping, and then got ALL the other stuff as a free bonus. When you look at it that way it really highlights what a great deal IPSY is!

If you're interested in signing up for IPSY yourself you can do so using my referral link here if you want to help give me some points. 

So that was my february glam bag, check back soon for the March glam bag. I am determined to have it up before April ;)


  1. Alright. I am a little upset I cancelled after seeing this bag.

    1. oh no! When did you cancel? I was considering canceling for about 5 minutes in after getting Feb & March I am glad I didn't!

  2. I need to bloody well re-subscribe to ipsy! I've kind of been regretting it since i cancelled months ago!


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