Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Steampunk Ball

Back in September I got invited to go with my friends to The Castle for a Steampunk Ball.
The Castle is a club in Ybor that caters to the alternative crowd. name it and it's normal there. I had been wanting to go there for a while but had never been.
I didn't have anything to wear for the steampunk theme but people were dressed up as all SORTS of things and I wasn't out of place at all.
I'm so glad I went! It was so fun to dress up and check out a place for the first time. It was a blast!

So I never posted about the makeup and outfit I put together to wear there.

I wanted to dress up a little, and exaggerate what I normally wear. so I got to pick through my friend's closet and borrow her dread falls and shirt to wear. I tied my hair back and attached the dread falls to them. I matched my eyebrows to the pink dreads. Then I wore her purple studded shirt and matched the lipstick to it.

I wanted to do a dark look so I did a really dramatic black smokey eye and pink eyebrows.

We got to the club and had VIP tickets so we got to go in the VIP lounge, which was lots of fun. We also took absinthe shots and they do it the old fashioned way there. They have sugar cubes on the bar and they light them on fire and do a whole presentation so that was really neat!

There is a downstairs, upstairs, and outside area. And each is split up into a bunch of rooms. Each one was like you were in a different club, so it was fun spending time in different areas. My favorite part was that upstairs there was a burlesque show. That was so fun to watch! The best part though was that later the performer was talking to my friend (they knew each other) and she complimented my dreadfalls.

Above you can see that the look didn't end up as bold as I wanted it but I was running out of time and had to deal with what I could do. In reality it was a dark club anyway so it didn't matter in the end.

All in all, I'm really glad I went that night. It was a fun night with friends and a step outside of our normal routine. The night ended with me walking back to the car barefoot so I think that should sum up the night nicely. I haven't been back to The Castle yet, because I hardly go out to Ybor anymore (it's 45 minutes away). I could honestly write so much more about the wonderful time I had that night, it was a really great night out on the town with some of my closest friends.

So, I figured this was a good TBT post since it's now been so long in the past so I couldn't exactly feature it anymore but I still wanted to post the look. I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I like your top! Purple is my favorite color. A Steam punk ball! Now that sounds interesting. I would go just so I could rock steam punk makeup lol :)


    1. purple is my favorite color also! yeah I wish I could have put together an actual steam punk look but I just based my look on the club itself, which is dark and gothic. It was fun though! thanks for stopping by girl


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