Monday, March 10, 2014

Wet n Wild Idol Eyes eyeliner (Startling eyes gift set) : review & swatches

So if you saw my Big lots haul post you saw that I got a pack of eyeliners from Wet n Wild.

As you can see they are packaged together...but right away you can tell that they seem a little mismatched. The labels are in different places on each one, to start. And what's with that random green one in the middle? Hmmm. Things like this are what clues me in to how it ended up at Big Lots to begin with.
The pack itself is called Startling eyes but these are the Wet n Wild Idol eyes eyeliner

But when the price is only $3.50 for 6 eyeliners, I couldn't pass it up.

Right away out of the package you can see the differences between all of them. In this picture I had already taken off all the plastic which, let me tell you, was quite the task. Some of them came off easily because they had perforated plastic wrap. Others took lots and LOTS of effort. Like, I'm legit embarrassed how much effort it took. But that was a huge annoyance to me and I had to remind myself that for the price I got it at, it's expected that it won't be great.

L->R  black (self explanatory), charcoal (gray), navy blue, dark brown, mink brown, & sky lights (the most random...a sparkly blue-green)

On the bottom of each eyeliner is one of those smudger sponges and a plastic tip that indicates what color it is. I know looking at the picture above doesn't look like they are that different. Also, under neath the plastic tip is a sharpener.

The colors are in the same order as above. As you can see, the black is not very dark or black. It looks pretty similar to charcoal. Dark and mink brown are similar too, but distinguishable. I am just not a very brown eyeliner kinda person. The sky lights is a great color and I'd say it's my favorite. All these swatches (minus the navy blue) are the same amount of swipes.

The eyeliner formula itself was nothing to write home about. These were dry and sort of tugged at the skin. It wasn't a great application.

Unfortunately my favorite of this set is the navy blue's a GREAT, perfect even, color. However this one was the WORST. It was somehow softer than the others and when you tried to apply it it just bent against the top of the pencil and broke. It was SO difficult to even get this swatch!
Because I like it so much I want to find a way to salvage it. Maybe I can depot it into a jar and apply it with a brush. That seems like that might work.

Anyway do I think these were worth $3.50? It's hard to say. That's such a low price so it's pretty hard for a brand to miss that low expectation. I would say that if you like at least two of these colors, or even one color a lot, it makes the price of all of them worth it.

If I can salvage the blue, these would definitely be worth it. It's also nice to have the brown eyeliners even though I don't think I will use them. I know I won't use the black.

Have you tried these eyeliners? Do you think they are worth the $3.50 price tag?
Check back soon to see the review and comparison of the other Wet n Wild eyeliner gift set!


  1. Daaaaaaang. That is so disappointing. I had high hopes when I saw these in your BL haul. At least you didn't spend a ton of money though.

    1. Yeah :( I am only not mad because of the amount I spent. I am reviewing the other wet n wild eyeliner set next..heres a hint, they are better. lol.

    2. Well, I look forward to that one!


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