Monday, April 7, 2014

FOTD to complement the Florida winter and mask depression

In February two things happened. My best friend came home to visit and we are the type of people who spend lots of time outside. It also got uncharacteristically cold in Florida.

On my BFF's last night in town I ended up having one of my favorite FOTD looks. I was dressed in head to toe black and needed some major color to brighten up my look. Of course since it was winter (and actually felt like it for once) I wasn't drawn to actual bright colors like
I also felt like the dark lip was the perfect companion to this eye look.
The depression comes from having to say goodbye to my best friend, but at least I looked good doing it.

I don't know I just really liked this look so I hope you like it too!

Unfortunately I don't have any products to list for this look as I was trying to get out the door to my friend's house.

I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to think of a way to describe this look. can you think of anything?

This picture highlights the phenomenon known as uneven wings

a mirror OOTD picture thrown in for good measure...I assure you everything I was wearing was black...just different shades of black I suppose. I wore a black hooded dress, a black studded leather jacket from Dots, and a black studded scarf (I hid the studded ends because they clashed with the jacket)

So like I said I just wanted to share this because I really liked how it turned out :)


  1. That blue is a beautiful shade!

    Kimberley x

    1. yes I wish I could remember what exactly I used because I would love to keep it in my back pocket, they colors worked really well together. Thanks for stopping by! xox

  2. Great look! Loving the blue eye makeup!

  3. Love the make-up! And I heard about the cold wave in FL. So glad we didn't get that in California.


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