Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeliner holiday gift set

It was the beginning of the holiday season when I spotted this set on display. It was part of the Wet n Wild display featuring Fergie products and other products that were mostly parts of sets- as is common to hit drug stores around Christmas.

You might remember when I posted about the Wet n Wild Idol eyes gift set I found at big lots. I wanted to compare the two sets and I have to say they are not even in the same league. It's truly difficult to believe that these came from the same company.

I couldn't help but snatch this up for only $5. 5 eyeliners for $5, it's pretty much a no brainer. Even though they are miniature eyeliners, I still feel the price was fair and worth it.

I couldn't pass these up because they were such fun colors, not your usual blacks and browns (ok yes there is one black)

I couldn't wait to swatch and use these but let me be honest- after I swatched them I sort of forgot about them! Yikes. I pulled them out recently and on a whim used the middle color above to fill in my eyebrows. It was so fun and I loved the way it looked.  I will do that again in another look as I didn't get very good pictures of it.

BAM! Those swatches are rich and pigmented and oh so pretty. I am sitting here looking at them, kicking myself for not using them more. That purple! those blues! That pink! and yes even that black! So great. So soft and easy to work with- reminded me a little bit of the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencils. These aren't long lasting or waterproof or anything but the texture and how they glide on are similar.

If I was presented with the choice I would definitely choose this set over the other. I know the other set also has more 'traditional' colors so if that is more your cup of tea, that might have appealed to you more.

So now that you have seen both kits side by side, which one is your favorite?!


  1. I'm kicking myself for not getting this when I saw it, those colors are gorgeous!! lol

    1. aw! It was definitely a spur of the moment impulse buy for me, but I can't say I regret it!

  2. gorgeous colours, i keep hoping to find somewhere in the uk which sell them but sadly in cornwall no one does.

    New blog post on loads of korean cosmetics, nail and beauty products, amazing discounts on them. :)

    1. aw that's a bummer! I didn't know that. You need to do a swap with someone in the US :)
      I have never tried korean cosmetics, gonna check out your blog now! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment xo

  3. great blog and posts. come visit mine and follow if you like xo


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