Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Influenster Uni Vox Box

I received these samples for free via Influenster to try and review. All opinions are 100% my own!

I recently got a Vox Box from Influenster that's perfect for college students.

This box was jam packed with goodies that I was soo excited to try.

From left to right you can see a pack of Playtex Sport tampons, Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation n 103 True Ivory, Red Rose black tea water enhancer, Pilot Acroball pen, NYC expert last lipstick in Forever Fuchsia, and imPRESS press on nails.

I was super excited about this Vox Box because almost all of these were items I already was considering trying. The only item in this box that I don't have a use for is the tea drops- I don't like tea. However, I think the idea is really smart- they are flavor drops that you add to water that makes it taste like tea. It can be used hot or cold so I think it's a great product for someone who likes tea. I plan to give it to a friend of mine that is  huge fan of tea.

The other product I haven't used yet is the Playtex Sport tampons. Because, duh, it's not up to me when I can try them out. However Playtex is already my favorite brand for feminine products so I suspect I will like them.

The Acroball pen is a good pen. I am pretty pick about pens, I'm not gonna lie. But there is always room for more pens in my arsenal! This one was great but a little spotty when I first tried it. I plan on taking it to work or throwing it on my purse to make sure I have a pen on me on at all times.

Since I run a beauty blog it should be no surprise that I was most excited about the beauty products.

I had heard lots of great things about the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation so I was looking forward to trying it. I have to admit I didn't know until I tried it that it was a mousse foundation. I was a little hesitant since you never know if the shade you are being sent will be a good match for you. But it matched me pretty well!

Here I am after making the Stay Matte Switch. It is good coverage and definitely matte. A little too matte, almost! I didn't need to put on my powder after this which is part of my normal routine. I feel like adding powder would have made it too powdery for sure. You can see by my piercing (that I covered with a band aid while applying the foundation) you can see where the foundation stops and tell that it looks a little...powdery. Cakey, if you will. But overall I think this is something easily fixed with some setting spray or any other product that adds some dewiness back to your face. I would rather be too matte than too oily!

I don't have typically oily skin so I do wonder if this foundation would work better on someone with oily skin. I'm not sure but it worked just fine for my skin.

In addition to wearing the foundation in these pictures I am also wearing the NYC expert last lipstick. This lipstick is creamy as you can see. It's very very bright. I am not a huge fan of pink lipstick but I love how pigmented it is. It's a very nice pop of color in my otherwise bare face.

The last item was this press on manicure from ImPRESS nails. I have not worn fake nails since probably middle school. I have also never had acrylic nails from the salon. My own nails are fairly strong and long as it is so I have never had the desire. But I was very intrigued by these since they seemed so easy.

I will have a full review up of these nails soon, because I have a lot to say about them!

Are you a member of Influenster? Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Hey, thanks for following me! Loved reading this post… can you get this in the UK? because they are all things I would use!
    Little Red x

    1. Absolutely, I love your blog! Thanks doll. Unfortunately I believe Influenster is only in the US however I am quite sure there are other companies like it in the UK. I just don't know what they would be. But keep an eye out to other bloggers, and maybe a few google searches could help you find something similar. I am sure they exist! Good luck! xox

  2. That lipsticks is cute! I tried those IMpress nail things and they didn't work, they were too wide, then I realized they had different sizes lol.


    1. thank you I think it's cute too! and yeah haha I will go in depth more when I post the review for the nails but yeah basically finding nails that fit was the hardest part. And that says a lot because overall it was not that difficult! I'm glad there was options.

  3. I bloody love imPRESS nails but they're expensive for one time use! That Rimmel foundation looks amazing on you!

    1. oh geez yeah I didn't know the prices!! I assume you are right, they are rather pricey for a short time. I enjoyed wearing them for sure though and would pick them up on sale! and awww thank you!! I was a little iffy about it but I liked it a lot better than I expected.


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