Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Maybelline Bleached Neons collection swatches

When I heard about the Bleached Neons collection coming out for a limited time for Summer 2014, I heard nothing but good things which made me immediately keep an eye out for it around here.

The main hype in this collection is the color tattoos. They are apparently identical to the ones that came out for a limited time last year...just under a different name! This is a bummer for people who bought both unknowingly but awesome for people who were sad they missed them the first time around (guess which camp I fall into)

So the one thing I remember most about the original color tattoos was that they were fine on their own but they really shined when over a black eyeliner/eyeshadow. I couldn't wait to buy these and try the technique out for myself.

My goods! Left to right. Maybelline master drama Chromatic eyeliner in turn on the teal, Color tattoo in Sunwashed Sky , Color Show nail polish in Bleached in Peach, and Color Tattoo in Shimmering Sea

Here's a close up of the color tattoos and nail polish

I tried showing the tip of this eyeliner. It's soft and wonderful.

Maybelline Chromatic eyeliner in Turn on the teal - with flash
Take a look at that swatch. I'm in love! I'm actually sitting here wondering this asking myself why I haven't used it in any looks yet. I don't know why, it's gorgeous! 

Maybelline chromatic eyeliner Turn on the teal - daylight bulb, no flash
Anyway I'm definitely smitten with this eyeliner it's probably one of my favorites! 
I am very tempted to go and pick up some other shades, as there was a pink, purple and more.

Unfortunately i don't have any better pictures of the nail polish. I purchased it to use in a Easter manicure which I never got to post because after a certain point it seemed odd to post an easter mani, am I right? 
Swatches of that polish soon. But for what its worth, I liked it!

Now for the real star of the show- the color tattoos

Maybelline bleached neons Color tattoos

Here are the two side by side...they look a bit different in pictures but in person they looked very similar to be honest. If you can't see the lids, Sunwashed Sky is in the left, and Shimmering Sea is on the right.

Let's take a look at Sunwashed Sky first.

Right away you can tell it's beautiful

Here I have a swatch of the color tattoo on its own on the left, and over black eyeshadow on the right. As you can see, the shadow really comes alive when placed over a black base.

I love the duochorme shift that becomes much more obvious over a black shadow. I had some trouble layering it but I think it's because I tried doing it over a powder eyeshadow. I think these would look good over a creamy pencil liner- like the cheap wet n wild ones I got in the packs I've reviewed lately. 

I think Shimmering Sea is my favorite of the two!

I like the way Shimmering Sea  looks on its own. It looks good over black but not as much as Sunwashed Sky does. 

All in all I think there are several things worth picking up if you see this display. Basically everything in this post! Haha! I highly recommend all of it. 

Have you seen this display in your area? I'll be honest I was surprised when I saw they restocked ours after I picked htese up. It still remains mostly full when I pass by! So you should still find them near you but don't wait too long as these are limited edition!


  1. OMG that Teal liner is GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for sharing your goodies! ;)

    1. Isn't it!! I am soo glad I got it, I love it. Thanks for stopping by!! xox

  2. Oh my oh my oh my that shimmery teal liner looks gorgeous!

    1. Right! I definitely suggest picking it up if you see it in your area!

  3. Did I miss these or have they not come out everwhere? I searched online and it looks like they were launching end of April but I just heard about them a week ago. I think I would have noticed them if they were out. I'm always at the drugstore.....help I'm freaking out can't figure it out

    1. Hmm I'm not sure. I think they are out everywhere by now. They showed up at a smaller walgreens around here that actually usually doesn't get the limited edition collections. And there are still plenty of products left and I know they restocked a few times so I would definitely check out multiple drugstores if you can, and keep an eye out! If you really can't find any maybe we can work something out and I can pick some up for you and send them your way? xox

  4. I will keep my eye out. I'm always at Walmart and Walgreens unless they came out a few months ago before I knew about them. I will keep ckecking. I really want the bronze sticks and color tattoos....well thank u so much for your kindness... I'll let you know.

    1. I got them the day before easter. So the end of April. Just keep me posted if you find them! :)

    2. Will do....your a sweetheart.....thanks again!


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