Sunday, June 1, 2014

NYX Macaron Lippies Part 1 Review & Swatches

It feels like forever ago when I first heard about the NYX Macaron Lippies (and yes, they are literally called Lippies. I'm not saying that to be obnoxious)..honestly it was before Thanksgiving.
I'm not kidding when I said I stalked NYX waiting for more word about these beautiful pastel lipsticks.

Well they finally went on sale a little bit ago and I bought them all right away! I did not buy Rose, the pink colored one because as I've mentioned before pink isn't really my color.

So basically this review has been a long time coming. They've been out for quite a while now. You can buy them on NYX's website or on Ulta's website. They will be coming to Ulta stores later this summer.

So the Macaron lipsticks are tons of fun colors at a drug store price- which has never really happened before. Everything from yellow to purple to white- all for around $6.

These lipsticks aren't what some people would consider every-day wear. But I enjoy wearing bright and unusual colors, so I do enjoy wearing them.

Lastly, I split these up into 2 posts because there are 11 lipsticks so that's a lot of pictures!

First off my order came in this adorable lace drawstring bag. I thought that was a nice touch. I can keep all of them together and find them easily in my makeup bag.

Here are all the Macaron Lippies in their glory. With my order I got a free gift of Nectar lip liner. I'm not one to complain about a free bonus gift!

Alright my first complaint comes from the packaging. Admittedly you get what you pay for. All the lipsticks above that are turned all the way up are the ones that sort of broke.
So the 3 that are low were fine...but the others..when I went to twist up the lipstick for the first time, they were hard to twist and when they came undone they kind of snapped... It's super hard to explain but when you twist the lipstick up as you normally would, it starts to slide back down and does not stay up. The only way to get it to stay up is to twist it all the way.
This makes application a little difficult but I don't mind too much. It's just a minor inconvenience.
I did find other reviews that mentioned it so obviously it's not just me. Hopefully they will fix this issue in future productions.

Part 1 is going to focus on these colors- Lavender, Citron, Chambord, Orange Blossom, Earl Grey

Hand swatches in the same order as above- Lavender, Citron, Chambord, Orange Blossom, Earl Grey

First up is Lavender. This is a true lavender color which is hard to find in a lipstick.  Most lean really pink. The picture above is taken with flash. 

Here is the lipstick taken with no flash, using daylight bulbs. The color seems a bit more washed out here but then again so does my skin. I just wanted to offer both versions of all the lipsticks so you can see what it looks like in various lighting situations.
This is definitely the type of lipstick that DOES look different depending on what kind of lighting you are in.

Citron, with flash
Citron applied quite patchy. The flash masked some of the imperfections but it definitely settled into dry spots.

It's really pigmented though, which is not easy to say about a yellow lipstick. 

Chambord, with flash
Chambord is a pretty good black lipstick for the price. It's not the best but it's far better than any other drugstore black lipstick I've tried.

Chambord, no flash
This color can also stain your lips if you aren't careful!

Orange Blossom, with flash
This one is very pale but I am surprised how much I like it. This is another color that clings to dry patches so it definitely pays to exfoliate and moisturize before using.

Something about this, I like it a lot. 

Last but not least we have Earl Grey which is a grey-toned pastel blue. This one was ok but the other blue in the collection is better, in my opinion.

I like this color mostly because it is unique. 

I have not worn any of these shades for an extended amount of time yet so I don't know the wear time yet. They don't dry matte and are quite creamy so I imagine it will have a normal wear time- not too long, but not too short either.

I picked these up with a 25% off coupon on NYX's website, and Ulta often has NYX for BOGO 1/2 off. So if you do want to pick these up, you can get them for even CHEAPER if you watch out for a sale. 
These are great colors if you're looking to step outside the box with your color choices, or maybe want to take some fun pictures or dress in a fun costume!

So that's part 1 of the NYX Macaron Lippies. Which one was your favorite? Did you buy any from this collection?
Let's talk about it in the comments!


  1. I also stalked NYX's instagram for months to find out when they were coming out. I didn't buy any online so I had to wait for them to come to Ulta. I stalked them too. They finally got them in and of course most colors were sold out. I wanted Earl Grey and Black Sesame so bad and those were all gone. I ended up getting Citron and Blue Velvet. I already have some of the other colors in Lime Crime lipsticks so I didn't get those.

  2. aw yeah they are definitely popular and sell out quick! But I'm sure you can get your hands on them. Black sesame is one of my favorites. ooh that makes sense though. I could never bring myself to spend that money on limecrime so I'm so glad cheaper options came out. i'm SOOO excited for the wicked line that got announced today.


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