Monday, June 16, 2014

The Night Before Our Stars (The Fault in Our Stars preview experience)

I recently showed you my The Fault In Our Stars inspired nails that I wore to the TFIOS premiere. Now I'm gonna tell you all about the premiere!

The special part about this was that it was more than the premiere- it was a special experience that I am very grateful I got to be a part of.

the movie poster outside my theater. I don't know why it's all torn up :(

So a week or so before the release date, I still hadn't decided when I was going to see TFIOS. You see, I knew the theater would be jam packed with younger teenagers (a large majority of the fan base) who would squeal and sob at every turn in the movie. Even though I loved the book and feel a strict loyalty to it, I knew that if I saw it in a theater full of noisy people, I wouldn't be able to fully lose myself in it.
So, I had plans to see it the first weekend in the morning to avoid crowds.

But then I heard about the Night Before Our Stars event. This event included a preview screening before the rest of the country- starting at 8:30 pm. In addition to that, there would be a live simulcast Q&A with the cast, filmmakers and author John Green. As if that wasn't special enough, you also received a bracelet and a special 'signed' poster (printed).
These tickets cost $20. I saw that as a really good price considering the price of a regular ticket is pretty high to begin with, and all the extra things you get with it make it completely worth it! Not to mention the bragging rights of seeing it before anyone else ;)

To prepare for the event, I got some goodies from Hot Topic to wear.

The necklace says "Some infinities are bigger than other infinities" which is an important line in the book/movie.
My favorite though is the his & hers ring set of Okay? Okay. Rings. Of course I made my boyfriend buy them and wear them with me.

My boyfriend and I wearing our rings
(small note: we coated our rings in clear nail polish because I have heard that is a way to prevent them from turning your finger green. Unfortunately after less than a week, they were chipping and turning our fingers green! So we are taking them back to get a replacement and trying other coating methods to keep them as pristine as possible. I know that they are cheap rings but that doesn't mean they should fall apart after a few days)

So on Thursday, June 5th I went to my local movie theater.
I went to the theater directly after work which got me there around 5:45. There was already a line forming even though it didn't start until 8:30. I got in line behind some of the nicest girls and we got along really well.

While sitting in line I realized my local movie theater had added a full bar! I have been going to this theater since it opened when I was in elementary school so this was very exciting.

I was pretty much the only person in line old enough to drink so I grabbed myself a few Electric Lemonades. They were overpriced but really good!

They passed out our posters (so cute!!) and got us ready to go in the theater. Next to the poster is my TFIOS backpack which was part of the TFIOS preparedness kit I bought from  This was an awesome kit and I didn't take pictures of everything that came in it but you can check out the link to see what all came in it!

They let us go into the theater at 7 to find seats. There was a mad dash for seats and everyone headed straight to the top. I settled for smack dab in the middle of a row that was in the middle basically. I sat in front of my new found friends so I could still turn around and talk to them since my friend hadn't gotten there yet.

So a funny Nerdfighter thing happened while waiting for the movie to start. A guy walked in wearing a Pizza John shirt, which some girls recognized and shouted "I like your shirt!" Cue scattered applause throughout the theater. The boy said some stuff about being proud of Nerdfighteria and all of a sudden teenage girls were lining up to get their picture taken with this dude. My friends and I couldn't stop laughing....they were literally taking pictures with him because of his shirt. I'm not kidding more than 20 people got a picture with him.
It was funny and silly but honestly reminded me of exactly the kind of thing I would have done at 15. It made me wish Nerdfighters were around back then.

So, next came the best part of course! The movie!!

look at all those cellphones
The energy in the theater was so high. Time slipped by really quickly and before I knew it, it was about to start! I had such butterflies in my stomach I wanted to jump up and down. I couldn't believe that after all this time and build up, it was finally happening!!

There was a short introduction by John Green, and then the movie started!
Now of course I didn't take any pictures during the movie!!

Without giving anything away I will say that the movie was great. Amazing! It captured the spirit of the book so perfectly. They had to leave out some details but overall I think it made for a better film. The only complaints I had were that there were a few key quotes that were left out. One of which is on merch being sold at Hot Topic. This confuses me. Why were they advertising the movie with a quote that wasn't even in the movie??? I still can't get over this honestly but I'm trying to. Because it was an amazing movie. I highly suggest everyone goes and sees it, even if you have not seen the book.

I didn't know if I would cry..I'm a very emotional person but I have a hard time letting my guard down around people. However, I ended up tearing up many times and ACTUALLY tears-rolling crying five times. So, yeah. The movie is a tear-jerker.

I've got to say there was something so special about experiencing the movie for the first time with a bunch of people who were very passionate about it (enough to pay extra, etc). It felt good to laugh with a room full of people and hear everyone around you dissolving into sobs at the same time as you. I am really glad I decided to go during this event and not wait until the crowds were gone.

After the movie ended and everyone wiped their tears away, there was a short pause and a screen came on encouraging everyone to send their questions to twitter for the cast to answer during the livestream.

The livestream started with a singer named Birdy coming out to perform a song that is on the TFIOS soundtrack. I have never heard of her before but her voice -live!- instantly blew me away.

After she performed, the cast and everyone came out to start answering questions.

left to right- John Green (Author),  Joshua Boone (director), Ansel Elgort (Augustus), Shailene Woodley (Hazel), Nat Wolff (Isaac), and Wyck Godfrey (producer)

It was neat to see everyone answering questions live.

Then, Nat Wolff played a few songs with his brother, one of which is on the TFIOS soundtrack.
I actually became full on obsessed with this song. There is not a good version on youtube so here is a video of them performing it at the event! This is NOT my video!

The last special thing about the event was getting to see John Green's cameo scene which got cut from the final draft. I didn't get a good picture but

All in all the experience was so amazing and I am so lucky and happy that I got to enjoy it!

I actually went and saw it again on Saturday morning with my mom. I am also seeing it tomorrow on my birthday for a third time!  I can't get enough and honestly I would see it again and again and again!!

Did you see The Fault in Our Stars yet? Do you plan to? What are your thoughts about it?


  1. lolz.. even tho i went with you.. i was stoked to read this.. NICELY WRITTEN <3


  2. i loved it! but i had no idea that the stars were in disguise in the audience sitting somewhere!!! they are here filming insurgent.

    1. I loved it too! That's so funny and kind of amazing!! You live in Atlanta? Have you tried visiting the set? Lol! I know I would. :P


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