Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Fault in our Stars Nails

Awhile back I talked about my favorite book, Looking For Alaska. Well, LFA is written by a spectacularly popular author and internet personality (is that a thing? I think so), John Green.

John Green's latest book, The Fault in Our Stars, or tfios, was recently turned into a movie. And unless you avoid all forms of media, I am sure that you knew this.

I am going to be talking a lot about this movie experience I had, and how I feel about the book/movie in general, in an upcoming post but first I wanted to show the nails I wore for the movie premiere.

I actually went and saw the movie Thursday evening (if you want to know how, be sure to come back and look at the future post!)  so on Wednesday I sat down to do my nails.

I have seen a dozen tfios manicures over time and they all pretty much feature the color scheme and design of the book cover.
Mostly because it is an aesthetically pleasing and easily recognizable cover.

picture from Wikipedia
This is what the cover looks like. It also helps that the design is a fairly simple one.

So instead of basing my nails off any examples I saw online, I decided to kind of go with the flow and do my take on the cover.

The fault in our stars nails
So here is my interpretation of the book cover!
First I painted my nails with Rimmel 60 seconds in Blue My Mind . 

Next I painted black cloud shapes with my dotting tool using Sephora Black Lace. (on all fingers except thumb, in which I painted my attempt at an infinity symbol using the same black polish and dotting tool)
Then a little lower I painted a similar cloud shape using Sinful Colors Snow Me White

posing with my tfios necklace
Lastly, the most difficult part. I wanted to see if I could write "Okay? Okay." on my fingers. I have pretty small fingers so this was a fairly ambitious endeavor.

For my middle finger I used a pen tip to paint the word. I could not fit the question mark. There wasn't enough room.
So when I did my ring finger I tried it with a mechanical pencil because it was thinner. I thought, if I could finish and fit the period, I would redo the middle finger with the question mark. However it didn't make it any easier so I abandoned the idea of fitting the punctuation. Oh well.

It is not perfect and i discovered that I'm really bad at making cloud shapes? (Who knew) but I'm pretty proud of it overall. They definitely look better from a distance.

Originally the plan was to make the design on both hands be the same, minus the 'okay's on the right hand. However once I started the clouds I realized even those were too ambitious for my left hand to draw. So I settled on a dotticure using the same colors. I really liked it and think it still captured the spirit of the book cover.

On my pinky nail is Spoiled by Wet n Wild in Pet My Peacock

As per usual I topped this manicure with my Seche Vite fast dry topcoat.

Initially I had my nails looking a little more similar to the book cover-
note: this was pre-cleanup...obviously!
I had my nails like this at first but decided the black 'okay' wasn't visible enough. Where I could read my middle finger from arms distance away, I could not read my ring finger. So I decided to redo it the same was as the middle. I also redid my pinky nail because the glitter did not turn out how I expected. Pet My Peacock has a very thick base that makes it difficult to get the right glitter-to-base ratio.

The truth is that this manicure took me an embarassing amount of time. However it lasted for a few days, which is longer than my nails usually last. And I actually haven't done my nails, like, at all this year. So I was happy to try my hand at some nail art for the first time in a while!

What do you think of my The Fault in our Stars nails? Did you do a similar manicure to celebrate the movie coming out?


  1. I like them! I like the color combo...and the dots :) I actually haven't read the book yet..I actually haven't read much lately :/ I need to get on that :p and I think your okays are impressive! I'm not good with nail art details myself lol
    And about astrology, honestly I just google around! There's a TON of info out there :)

    1. Thank you! I highly recommend the book. Even people who don't like reading, love it. haha. and thanks those were the hardest part haha they could definitely be better! and sounds cool I have to look into it more!

  2. Love your ring! I really like the colour combination.

    1. Thank you! It is part of a couple's set from Hot Topic :) Thanks for stopping by!! xo

  3. I like what you did on both hands! ~Jessica

    1. Thank you! They didn't look TOO out of place next to each other hehe

  4. This book seems to be everywhere, I'm going to have to read it. I also kinda like your 1st attempt with the black "okay" better. I like the contrast.

    1. haha yeah it is everywhere! You definitely do need to read it! Thank you! It looks good close up but at arm distance you couldn't read the black at all :/ so I changed it. thanks for stopping by!


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