Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Maleficent Inspired makeup look

So since I'm utterly obsessed with Disney, I've been looking forward to the Maleficent movie ever since I heard the first whisper about it.

When my Queen Lana Del Rey released her version of the classic "Once Upon a Dream" I could hardly contain my excitement anymore.

Since my boyfriend and I are trying to save money we have had to cut back on a lot of fun things but I made him promise recently that we would go on at least one date a month. A real date, which we hardly ever do anymore because we've been together for so long.
Well when he does a date, he does it for real! So we planned to see Maleficent on Saturday night.

Well I wanted to do my makeup just right and in turn, ended up making us late. We went to see it in 3D and we wanted to get DBOX seats (seats that move) but we got there too late. We bought our tickets literally 2 minutes before it started so we ended up having to sit in the very front section, but it wasn't so bad.
After my look, I'll talk about the movie so read on!

Obviously I had to do a look inspired by Maleficent. Since Angelina Jolie's makeup is a little boring (although gorgeous! just not fun to recreate) in the movie, I modeled it after the cartoon original mostly.

no flash- light up mirror
I decided to do a purple smokey eye with a green inner corner and, of course, a wing.

On my lips, of course, I wore my MAC True Love's Kiss which is from the Maleficent collection.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! It's amazing how far I've come with blending and yet still how much I have to go. I thought it was really great when I did it but looking back I can provide a more clear critique of myself.

I used mostly my BH Cosmetics 120 palette. I also used the Wet n Wild I <3 Matte 8-pan

I still really like how it came out.

As for the movie, I really liked it. I heard complaints that it moved too quickly and I can understand where they are coming from. It could have been more lovely if it were longer. I still liked it though.

Angelina Jolie, as expected, commands the screen so easily. And I like the direction the story went, with a twist on a classic.

After the movie (which we saw at the mall) we stopped at Bar Louie which is also in the mall. I had never been there so we stopped in for some drinks.

I had the Smores Martini, pictured above. It has chocolate sauce and graham cracker crust and marshmallows in it. It was pretty good but also kinda thick and not something I would normally desire to drink. It was nice for having "a drink" but not ideal if you are planning to have a few (or more :P ), you know what I mean?

All in all I had so much fun dressing up to go out on a date with my man. I definitely suggest everyone see Maleficent, and in 3D for sure!

Do you like the look I put together for the movie? Have you already seen it? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section!


  1. Beautiful! My friend and I saw malificent last Monday and I loved it! I think I'll actually buy it when it comes out...I've never heard moving seats...must be a pretty cool theater haha...we saw it in 2d Bc neither one of us can really see in 3d (thanks stigmatisms). But she did her make up sorta like yours...it was purple all over the lid with a green cut crease. Btw sorry I haven't been commenting but my Internet has just been fucked >:( ive had like 3 different servers since I've last commented and they all sucked...gaaaaahhhhh...but any way your vacation (we're going far back lol) looked wonderful! I went to the Bahamas in October but on carnival cruise...I loved it but I'd like to take a Disney cruise someday, so I'm glad you blogged about it :) It was funny Bc I knew about all the people you were talking about...from the Nassau hair braider to the jewelry shysters haha in Nassau did you walk down to free beach? We went there and ate at the bar next to it...it was nice but expensive as hell. Btw I'm excited to see the rest of your nyx lippies! You look really good in the yellow and orange ones...I think I'm gonna get the lilac and the grey one..I think its called black sesame? But I'll hold out for the other swatches...I enjoyed seeing them from you Bc I know you'll actually wear them :p and your lana del ray seats were crazy good! She's so beautiful *_* and I'm sorry to hear about your grandma :( I'm hope your doing okay <3

    1. Thank you! I liked it a lot too. I'm sure I will buy it too I love Disney and Angelina! Yeah only one theater (a brand new one) in the area has it, it's pretty neat but only goes with the right movie, you know? Oh no! I didn't know stigmatisms did that! I have a slight astigmatism so I can still see but maybe in the future I won't be able to!
      Don't apologize girlie you have no idea how nice it is to receive a nice comment such as this! It feels so good to know that someone actually read my posts and gave a crap!! :)
      ahhh my vacation. Those were the days. How was it only 5 months ago? LOL! I need another one :P
      That's so funny, I guess the people in the bahamas are just predictable like that!! No we didn't go to the beach! We just walked through the straw market for a half hour and then went to senor frogs and then had to get back on the boat because we had such a late start.
      Thanks!! I am gonna post the rest of them this weekend or monday so keep an eye out! That's so funny that you say you know I'll actually wear them. That's a compliment to me because it's true that lot's of bloggers swatch stuff that the would never wear and I think it shows in their reviews.
      Yes Lana was amazing!! she is the most gorgeous woman, I swear!!! I love her.
      Thanks sweetie. It's still hard actually. I have never experienced a death in the family really so it's been tough. But I'm just trying to be there for my mom and stuff!
      Again thanks so much for commenting it really brightened my day!! I love hearing from you xox

    2. I bet those seats would be really cool for like an action movie or maybe a horror movie! I'm not positive its my stigmatism but I only can't see out of one eye (so if I tried I'd have a horrible head ache..and I only have it in one eye)...the last movie I saw in 3d was Alice in Wonderland from Tim Burton (like 5 years ago lol) and it was super blurry in my stigmatism eye...so who knows..it my best educated guess :p. And my colorful comment was a compliment! You explained it better, you can definately can tell through reviews rather someone would or wouldn't wear it, and I appreciate that you will :) and I'm so happy I was able to brighten your day! :o) I do love your blog, and I do genuinely care what you have to say! And I love being able to have a real conversation reply with you lol! Oh and remember when we were talking astrology/numerology? I found out some really cool new info I think you might like to check out! They're called moon signs (which is what you're like emotionally) and rising signs (which are the shell or mask we wear/ how others see us) and Natal charts which is every single astrological aspect you were born with! They have really great free calculators online (I recomend chaos astrologys the most) it's definately very interesting (to Me at least) Bc I feel the other aspects (specifically moon and rising) paint the rest of the picture of your personality. Just something to look into if your bored some day :p. But if you already knew feel free to ignore the ramble ;)

    3. Yeah definitely for action movies or movies where there is a lot of motion in general. Oh no that would give a horrible headache! I'm sorry!
      hahaha thank you!! <33 once Again brightening my day lol.
      ah yes!! I have only heard of rising signs but when I tried to look it up online I couldn't really find much information. Do you have any other sites to recommend besides chaos astrology? Thanks!

  2. Great look! I love it with the nude lippie. :) ~Jessica

    1. Thank you! That picture is just my nude lips haha but thanks! It really changes the look for sure but, I really wanted to use the Maleficent lipstick!


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