Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wet n Wild Limited Edition Spring Forward Palettes: a journey

Every once in a while in the beauty world, something Big comes along. People have different ideas of what qualifies as 'big' of course, but the biggest thing lately is the Wet n Wild Limited Edition Spring Forward Palettes.

(Photo courtesy of NouveauCheap .)
Specifically, the Nude Awakening palette. It's been gaining attention because it is being widely regarded as a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked Palette (which everyone basically knows is holy grail of eyeshadow)

So most bargain beauties know that wet n wild has some great quality, especially for the price. This baby will only set you back $4.99.

Now I'm a casual stalker of  Nouveaucheap and G was so kind to provide an interactive map that allows people to place a marker when they find a limited edition product.--this is an invaluable tool that helped me track down the ELF Disney Villains palettes. If you are ever looking for a limited edition or hard to find item- this blog is the first place to check. Run by a great beauty, and frequented by kind souls!

So, when the palette was first announced I casually looked at drugstores. Then I found myself checking the interactive map AND the local Walgreens every other day

Inconsistent reports said that they would be only at CVS, others said only at Walgreens. What to believe!? I watched as little dots showed up slowly across the country....everywhere but down here in Florida!

Literally weeks have gone by at this point and I am still bugging the shit out of my local drugstores...I began to lose hope.
Most of the places it was showing up in other states don't exist here in Florida. 
But then! there was a breakthrough when spots started showing up near/in Florida (but not near me) at Winn Dixies.
Now, I am not a frequenter of Winn Dixie. (I'm a Floridian, hello, I go to Publix) but I trekked out to two different ones near me to try and hunt them down.
I ended up leaving the stores empty handed.
Someone posted a marker on theWinn Dixie near me! Hallelujah!
The next day (being, today) I went to the one that was marked
alas! There was the display!
I could have cried. with joy.
Then I quickly saw that the display was basically empty, with not a Nude Awakening in sight.
I could have cried. Not with joy.

So, here we sit. Empty handed. If there's anything this experience has taught me is that I am going to go ahead and finally take the plunge and purchase Naked (or Naked 2...haven't made THAT decision yet..I'm a very bad decision maker).

Which, in a funny way, is what this blog is all about! Trying to be financially responsible when I can, but splurging when it counts. and I'd say after weeks of searching and being let down, I deserve to splurge and reward myself with the real deal, not the dupe. 
Save when you can, splurge when it counts. My own personal motto.

Follow your bliss, (My other personal it tattooed on me!)
Ember Darling


  1. What a bummer you couldn't find them! I haven't seen them either, boohoo, I think they're being snapped up far too fast for most of us to grab them! Oh well, you deserve to splurge once in a while anyway, it might as well be on the Naked palette!

    1. I think they definitely are getting snapped up too fast! Makes me wonder if the person who marked it on the map bought all of them for themself. And that's what I think too! haha. If you're gonna splurge, might as well be on what most people think is the best palette. I have actually never spent that much on makeup SO it's taken me a while to want to make the plunge.
      But when I think about it, it's what, 9 eyeshadows, technically? 50 bucks is a steal when you think of it that way ;)


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