Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 2 aboard the Disney Magic: Nassau Bahamas - part 1

Yes I am so much of a blabber mouth that I need more than one post to talk about just ONE day. It's crazy talk. But I want to talk a lot. and post lots of pictures. A lot happened! So I am splitting it up.

That right there is the first view of another country I ever had. We woke up a little late (9) and still had to get ready and eat breakfast. But looking out on Nassau was an indescribable feeling. I'm so glad we had a huge window.

Above you see what took us so long to get ready. My face. I spent a lot of time on my makeup because I knew the day would be so busy that I wouldn't have time to re-do it or touch it up. Here you can hardly see my lids because they are so hooded...but there will be other pictures where you can see my makeup better.
Anyway, this was us about to leave for breakfast.

Okay, I'm a breakfast freak. It's my favorite meal of the day. So I was taken aback at the huge selection of breakfast foods there was. There was literally everything you could imagine!
As you can see there were scrambled eggs, bacon, donuts, and Mickey waffles!!
On top of that there was eggs benedict, omelets, sausage, toast, english muffins, bagels, pancakes, blueberry pancakes, yogurt, a bunch of stuff to put in yogurt like flax seeds, fresh fruit and cheeses, the list goes on and on!! It was the largest spread I've ever seen.

The obligatory bahamas welcome sign picture. I am wearing a dress from Target and jeggings from Walmart. Man I really dressed with a budget on this cruise!

So we finally got off the boat at around 11. We had barely taken a few steps off the ship when I realized I didn't bring my ID. At first we weren't sure if I would need it but then we decided since I was drinking, I probably would. So my boyfriend sweetly ran back up to the room to grab it for me while I sat and took selfies of myself by the water.
It's a good thing he went back for it because even though I didn't need it to drink, I needed it to pass through "customs" and board the ship again!

The first thing we did was head towards the straw market. Between the ship and the market (which, if you've been, is not far at all) we got harassed by people a' plenty to get us to buy their goods, rent their scooter, take their tour, or in some other way give them money. I felt genuinely bad because if I had the money I would have loved to do most of the things they were offering. So I made sure to say no thank you to all of them and eventually my boyfriend got annoyed with this. He told me to just ignore them, but I couldn't do that! I felt much better at least acknowledging them.

Once we went into the straw market it was like the streets on steroids. The first thing that happened when we walked in was some lady gave us these (not particularly cute) necklaces saying it was a gift for everyone that came. I really didn't think anything of it, just kept walking and trying to get my bearings. But then she gave my bf a sob story about school children needing money, and asking for a "tip" so yeah we ended up giving her money for a necklace we never would have bought to begin with.

Immediately I noticed that most of the stalls had pretty much the same items. Some were just better or cheaper than others. The thing about the straw market was you're supposed to haggle, no price is set. That's why nothign has a price on it. You have to ask.

I have to admit there was a point in the market that I was fed up with being bothered. Every SINGLE person tried to get my attention by shouting "hey, pretty girl!" As if complimenting me makes me want to spend money. Then they would say things like "Look here!" and I wanted to be like Tht's what I'm DOING. I'm looking. That's literally exactly what I'm already doing.

So I decided early on that I wanted something with a mermaid on it. I wasn't finding anything other than Ariel straw purses. I liked all the different straw bags but I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it because most of them were big and I didn't know what I would honestly do with them.

So in the end only 2 shops got us. At one we bought 3/$5 bracelets that were like hand woven string friendship bracelets that said Bahamas. At that same shop they had some nice necklaces that were of course fake but still looked nice.

I set my eyes on a pearl necklace that was priced at $30. We were like hah no. So finally we were walking away and she says the lowest she can go is $20. We still weren't planning on spending that much so we said no thanks. My bf made her a final offer of $15. She acted insulted for about 2 seconds before we turned around to leave again, and she said "ok 18 is the best I can do" So we decided to impulsively buy it.

One thing I would recommend especially if you are going as a couple: talk about how much you are willing to spend in advance. We were sitting there trying to read each others minds and not offend anyone and we were not on the same page at all.

Here is the Ariel purse I ended up getting. I liked it because it was small and had a magnetic closure clip. It also has a long strap which attracted me. We spent $10 on this, which isn't a bad price in my opinion.

The one other place I knew I wanted to go to was Senor Frog's. Over the years I have seen pictures from this place pop up from numerous friends who went on cruises. It just looked like a fun, touristy place. One you knew would be fairly safe because it is so touristy.

I had no idea how fun it would be.

When we got there we got seated in the back by the bar since we were only there for drinks. I had to get one of the infamous yard stick drinks. I got a Senor Frogs famous blue margarita in it. It was pretty good!

It wasn't long after we got there that the fun began. People were standing on tables to sing karaoke, and the hype man (I don't know his actual job but he really just hyped the crowd so we'll go with that) was giving out shots willy nilly because it was some girls birthday.

This was the point where we decided we were on the wrong side of the bar. So we went over to the other side where all the action was.

What comes next, I wish so badly I had more pictures of. But, my boyfriend's a little slow and didn't think to take pictures of what was happening until the very end. *sigh* I will teach him some day. Pictures are important!!!

SO we were sitting at the main long table for only a few minutes when a group of girls came around as part of a bachelorette party. The hype MC got the bride-to-be on the table and then pointed me out of the crowd and chose me. I got up nervously, not knowing what I was agreeing to.

He told us he had a game for us, and the winner would get a free drink on him. Didn't sound so bad so I agreed. That's when he told us it was a scavenger hunt.

First we had to grab a straw. Then, we had to get a shot of tequila from the bartender. Then we had to take the shot of tequila. I was apprehensive, I normally can't do a shot without a chaser, or in tequila's case, salt & lime. But I wasn't about to waste a free shot so I threw my head back and took it like a champ.

I tried to let the bachelorette win because, you know, it's her celebration. So when we had to track down the restaurant manager, I dragged my feet a little.

Then it got wacky. We were told to collect as many shoes as we could. Again, I dragged my feet a little because I wanted the other girl to win! I was just happy to play. But then before I knew it people were coming up to me from all over the restaurant giving me their shoes. It was so funny. It wasn't until the time was up that I realized some people were yelling at me for me to put MY shoes in the pile. DUH! But luckily the amount didn't matter.

After that he gave us all 20 seconds to get everyone's shoes back on. If we could do that, free shots for everyone. Of course they all raced to get their shoes back on. This was especially funny because there were baby shoes in there and those are a little difficult to get back on.

After everyone had their shoes on he said everyone has to stand to get the shots. So everyone stood. Then he said everyone in the building has to be standing, and we had 10 seconds to get everyone to stand up!

Somehow we did it and we all started a conga line that went through different stations of people pouring shots from a bottle into your mouth. There were maybe 6 of these that we went through.

Then we were sneakily lead to the dance floor and put on the spot to do the Cupid shuffle. I for one did not know how to do the cupid shuffle. But I figured it out! and danced right there in the middle of the dance floor.

This may not seem like a huge deal, but I am pretty shy normally and don't like doing things in front of crowds.

Gettin' down on the dancefloor. The lady in front of me with the balloon hat knew how to party, I'm tellin' ya.

It was such a fun and freeing time. That place was like spring break in a bottle. They constantly had something going on to be a party. After this, we danced some more, then he had some girls on stage for a who-can-chug-the-strawberry-daiquiri-the-fastest. Then more karaoke!

Unfortunately after coming back from dancing I found out my yard drink got spilled by someone, so I didn't even get to finish half of it. I ordered another drink and then we left. It's a good thing- it is WAY too easy to spend too much money there!

There were lots of cute photo op spots at the bar.

This is one of my favorite pictures. These chairs were SO big and so hard to get out of, we were slipping around and falling in them. Our drinks gave us the giggles.

The view from Senor Frogs was beautiful. Above is the first lighthouse I've ever seen!!!! Crazy, right? I was pretty excited about it. Not to mention the sparkling blue water.

We decided to go straight back to the ship from Senor Frogs. We made a pit stop at the liquor store, so we could get some Bahamian rum (you're allowed to bring a liter back, each). I got a liter for only $10, so not bad prices at all!

After that we went in a very very touristy souvenir shop. Normally I would prefer to support local businesses but they had such good deals (3 shotglasses for $5) I really couldn't pass it up.

After those pit stops I was more than ready to go back on the ship. But then my bf spotted the Tortuga Rum Cake shop and suggested we stopped there. I just followed him, not having any real interest. But then they had free samples. and I immediately knew that I had to get my hands on the Key Lime rum cake. It was delicious!

While in the shop, Fall Out Boy came on the radio, which took us by surprise. We love FOB so it was such a pleasant surprise to hear them in another country.

Continuing on that good mood, we walked back to the street to finally make our way back to the boat. We were walking by a huge touristy bar when I realized they were blaring Lana Del Rey "Young & Beautiful" and I about peed my pants. I was the perfect amount of tipsy to just feel instantly in heaven. Soaking in the view, basking in the sunlight, swaying in the breeze and singing along to Lana Del Rey in the bahamas is probably one of my favorite moments of the whole cruise. She makes me happy.

On our way back onto the ship we got harassed all over again by the same people we passed on the way in. One lady said "Did you decide to get your hair braided?" and I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Me with my hair braided...I would be like Monica from Friends. Not a good look. Once we were about 10 feet away I said "it would look cool in my hair" (since my hair is 2 different colors) and the lady shouted "It WOULD look so cool!!!" I had to give her props for that but, still no.

We got back onto the ship at about 3 something. The rest of the night was very eventful and will all be part o the next post!

Thanks for reading!

Another makeup shot, featuring the pearl necklace I purchased at the straw market.

Have I mentioned I'm in love with my hair? Because I am :)

Tune in soon for part 2 of day 2 aboard the Disney Magic!


  1. awww your trip sounds amazing!!
    I want to go now! <3

    1. It was truly a dream come true! Thanks doll xo

  2. The first time I went to Nassau it was for a weeks stay at a resort right after a week on a cruise. It was a great vacation. I also went back the second time for a day on a cruise stop as well and I took all the same photos you did LOL, with the sign and those Frogs at Senior Frogs LOL! I also got a few things at the straw market although I found them a bit pushy!

    I am planning my 8th cruise this May in Europe if all goes well. There is soo much to eat on a cruise I remember the first time I went with my sister she was just standing there with her empty plate and she turned to me and asked "what do I do!?" LOL


    1. A week! Wow! and haha those pictures are staples of visiting I feel like! The straw market was definitely pushy, we got a few things and then got outta there!
      Europe! I bet that will be amaaazing. and LOL that's the perfect reaction to all the food.

  3. Your trip sounds amazing! I could never get on a cruise ship though. I have a mortal fear of them sinking, crashing or what keeps happening to the Carnival cruises!

    1. Thank you! It was pretty amazing. And aww you're missing out! I am a pretty anxious person but I was pretty calm about that kinda thing. No worries here. The way I see it , are you like that every time you get into a car? Lol because you're WAY more likely to get into a car wreck than a cruise wreck! Lol!

  4. looks like your having an amazing time hun :)
    great pictures !
    new gfc follower :)
    Melissa x
    My Blog | My YouTube

    1. Thank you! I did have an amazing time!! Thanks for following doll, I'll check out your blog right now! xox


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