Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Revlon Super Lustrous Vintage collection swatches & review

So sometime last year one of my favorite beauty bloggers posted that Revlon would be bringing back a few vintage shades of their Super Lustrous lipsticks for a limited time.
They actually had an event where you could vote which lipsticks came out. Even though I was unfamiliar with the Super Lustrous lipsticks, I still cast a vote. Then I promptly forgot.

It wasn't until I heard they were finally being released that I remembered that I really wanted to get my hands on this collection!

I have been on a bit of a budget with myself and haven't bought new makeup in a while. So I went into Walgreens specifically looking for this and the Maybelline dare to go nude collections.

I saw the display and actually legit gasped. It was full! This was especially lucky since there is only 2 spots per color in the display. That's it!

Unfortunately the price took my by surprise a little bit. Like I said I have never bought the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks so I didn't know what price range I was looking at. They were about $7.25 each.

There are 5 shades and I knew I couldn't afford all of them. So I narrowed it down to just 3- Sandstorm, Icy Violet, and one of the peaches. But then, when we were checking out the cashier informed me that they were on sale for buy one get one half off! So I ran back to get the other peach shade.

There was one more shade, Fifth Avenue Red (first debuted in 1958) I already have so many reds that I decided I could skip this one.

So in the end I paid about $20 for 4, which really isn't a bad price.

Now on to the swatches!

I really liked the packaging for these lipsticks. The top is clear, letting you see easily which color is inside.

same order as above
I also like how there is a sticker on the bottom that is both easy to read and tinted with a general color to represent the lipstick.

I also really liked that they were all sealed with plastic (the kind with a perforated strip) which is my favorite kind of packaging. That way you know no one else tampered with it yet it's still easy to get your product out.

From left to right: Sandstorm, Jungle Peach, Snow Peach, and Icy Violet

When I first saw the press release I was a little confused as why people picked 2 peach colors. However as you can see they are not even remotely the same color. Jungle peach is more of  a nude neutral and Snow Peach leans way pink.

One swipe down & back up
Here they are swatched on my arm, in the same order as above. Once again you can see the difference between the two peach colors.

They are all pretty pigmented- the swatches above are with just one swipe down and then back up, and all of them are opaque.

First up is Sandstorm. Sandstorm first was released in 1999, which I think is very obvious. It just looks like something that came out of the 90s. It's a brown shade that looks kinda like copper- very metallic.

Doesn't it look like the 90s?

Since I spend most of my life pretending it's still 2001, this lipstick is perfect for me. I am so excited to own it! It feels very nice on the lips, in fact all of these lipsticks do. I think after this I am definitely going to check out the core line of the Super Lustrous collection.

Next is Jungle Peach which first debuted in 1963. This is a very nude peach and I did not expect to like it as much as I did!

Since it is so light it does tend to accentuate any dry areas on your lips- perhaps this could be prevented by properly exfoliating and priming prior to wear. Since I am a lazy daisy I did no such thing before putting it on. But I still loved it!

I'm not a nude person AT ALL but I really, really like this color. I see myself wearing it a lot in the future.

Next is Snow Peach, which first came out in 1956! Honestly I don't see how this is a peach color. Maybe if you are a different skin tone than me? To me it seemed very pink. At first I thought I didn't like it but after putting on Jungle Peach I decided that I did like them both, even if neither of them were what I expected.

Like I said, it leans very pink on me.

But I still think it's a very nice color and it's soft enough that I actually like it.

The last shade I got is Icy Violet, which seems to be to belong in the 90s as well. But this shade actually came out in 1946! Who knew there were such fun colors in the 40s!

This color did not photograph very well. It looks more purple on the skin to me. And yes, it is frosty.

Again, it pulls more purple in person. This is also the sheerest of the formulas. It can be built up to opacity though.

So all in all I'm really glad I picked these up AND I'm glad I got to get both peach shades. I truly can see myself wearing these a lot which is something I don't often say about lip colors. I also think Icy Violet can transform other colors underneath it so that will be fun to experiment with. The only thing I can't comment on is wear time- I tried these on consecutively and have yet to see how long they last on the lips.

Do you have any plans to pick up any of these vintage shades? Do any of you remember these before they discontinued them? If you like them I have to say, better hurry because these babies are going to sell out fast! Not to mention now is the best time to scoop them up during the Walgreens BOGO 1/2 off sale!


  1. I can't believe these shades came out so long ago! It's cool that they re-released them too- I really like icy violet!

    1. I know, it's kinda crazy when you think about it! I am glad you like them, let me know if you go out and buy it as well. I bet icy violet would look even better on you! xox

  2. Love your honesty! - These aren't really my colors and I'm glad you swatched them before I bought them. The last 2 look sooooo good on you!

    1. Aw thank you doll! I'm glad I could save you some money! I can see how they wouldn't be for everyone but I really like them :)

  3. I as well didn't think jungle peach would look good on me , I'm about mac nc20 and I love it . There something excited about wearing shades out mothers , aunts , or grandparents wore .


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