Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 2 aboard the Disney Magic (part 2)

So if you're keeping up, we just got done exploring Nassau

We wanted to make it back to the ship by 4 to play Bingo. We hadn't gotten to do any of the things we wanted to the night before, so we tried making up for it.

We made our way to the cozy lounge type area that Bingo was held in. It had lots of cozy seats and awesome lighting.

One not awesome thing was the price. So each session of Bingo was 4 games. They sold cards that had 6 grids on it per game. So instead of just one set of numbers to worry about, you had 6.

These cost $20. I asked if we could tear them in half, leaving 3 grids per person per game. They told us that wasn't allowed. We had to buy a pack each. So we did that. We figured, hey, maybe we'll make our money back! (Spoiler alert: we didn't make our money back.)

There was specific announcements saying that if you ripped your cards, it rendered them useless.
However at the end of the game we realized that pretty much literally everyone but us had ripped theirs to share. SO that was a bummer. We could have saved money after all.

Aside from that bingo was pretty fun and entertaining. They said their favorite number was B-11 because in spanish it was "Beyonce" that made me laugh so hard.

After Bingo it was time to start getting ready for the Pirates IN the Caribbean party! This was a pirate themed night.

Some people go all out dressing up, and others don't dress at all. We were somewhere in the middle. My bf had some accessories, and I wore a dress with keys on it and black and red. Yeah that's festive to me. Black, red, keys...pirates! Duh!

So because it was Pirate night Captain Hook was there to greet us all. Even though he's basically my enemy I still wanted to get a picture with him. He was actually very flirty, hahah.

The show that night, which we got to late, was Villains Tonight. 
This show's main interest was comedy. It made a lot of pop culture jokes and at times seemed a little cheesy-try hard. But I liked the theme of villains, of course. And I liked how they used some that were a little unconventional like Yzma, Cruella, and Scar (not pictured). Then you have your usual Maleficent, Ursula, Captain Hook etc.

Overall the show was pretty great. I really enjoyed it especially Ursula. I mean look at her!

After changing into my "pirate outfit" I MET PETER PAN!! For those who don't know, Peter Pan is my favorite Disney movie and also my favorite Disney character. So that was fun.

Next was dinner at Carioca's, the South American themed restaurant. This dinner went by quickly for me. My bf talked with one of the guys and I hit it off with the group of 3 from Michigan. We talked and talked so much that I hardly paid any attention to my food!
It was really nice to all get along like that.

I don't have any pictures, but here's what I ate:

Appetizer: deep fried lobster croquetas with a banana lentil salad and creamed horseradish - This was pretty good. Lobster is always good!
Meal- Lobster, shrimp, and mahi mahi skewers on Peruvian quinoa salad served with dried mango, pineapple, and toasted coconut salsa.
My boyfriend is actually Peruvian so it was interesting to try some of the foods that his family eats often.
This was good but I honestly didn't get to eat much! I was talking so much I was hardly paying attention to my food. I regret this. Hah!
Finally for dessert I had no sugar added strawberry cheesecake. In case you couldn't tell...I have a thing for cheesecake! I should have picked something else. If the "no sugar added" didn't give it was not that tasty.

Somehow after eating a relatively small meal (and no lunch) I still was able to feel full. I don't know how!

After dinner was the Pirates IN the Caribbean deck party!
We put on the bandanas they gave us at dinner (they said Pirates in the caribbean and had a bunch of pirate mickey heads on it) and pulled out the glow sticks we brought. I read online that glow things were a theme during this party but honestly when are glow sticks not appropriate party attire?!

Oh I was also wearing my octopus necklace! This was my most themed item, I think haha.

During the party characters came out to dance, lots of dancing happened and then! A pirate repelled down and ~took over~! Ooh, tense.

But what's that?! Pirate Mickey ziplined across the length of the ship and landed at the stage to save the day!

Immediately after this excitement was the best part of all- the fireworks!!

Disney cruise line is the ONLY cruise line that has fireworks at sea!
In fact, they have to be legally classified as a Navy to be able to carry explosives!

Just makes me all the more impressed with Disney- constantly pulling off things that others won't even attempt.

After the fireworks, we wandered off to find the pirate buffet. I am so glad our table-mate told us about this, because it was not talked about at ALL! It wasn't announced, wasn't in our daily navigator, nothing!

Unfortunately nothing really stuck out to be as appetizing and I ended up not eating anything.

My favorite part was the bowls of turkey legs. If you have ever been to Disney world you know their turkey legs are kind of infamous. So to just have bowls full of them for the taking like this was tickling!

After the buffet it was getting late and I once again found myself getting tired. I went back to the room while my boyfriend wandered the ship a little longer. I knew I wanted to get to bed at a decent time because I wanted to start the next day early!

The next day we would be at Castaway Cay - Disney's private island!!


  1. Your picture are amazing and I'm so jealous! I gotta ask- Why is Peter Pan your favorite?

    1. Aw thank you, don't be jealous!! :P Peter Pan is my favorite because I just like the movie the most. I can't really put my finger on why it's just the whole thing. Neverland, never growing up, Wendy and Peter, mermaids being in neverland, character growth with Peter and Tinkerbell I could go on and on! Plus I really like ANY spin offs that I have seen that have to do with Peter Pan, particularly Hook!! What's your favorite?

    2. It's kind of hard not to be jealous when I see all the great things in your pictures and read your descriptions. Heh.

      I will agree, most spin offs or preludes/after stories are pretty bad compared to originals, and the Peter Pan series has been lucky in the department. For some reason I never liked Peter Pan that much, but that may be because I was forced to watch it every day about 2x's a day for an entire summer. I may have different opinions now that I'm an adult. My favorite is Pocahontas and you can go ahead and make fun of me. I've heard about every insult and joke in the book by now.

    3. haha aww :P
      right yes that's always the case! And ah sounds like you had Peter Pan overload for sure! I wasn't really into Peter Pan until I was a little older and THEN I identified with the "never grow up" mentality. Hahaha.
      Why would I make fun of you?? I liked Pocahontas, although it wasn't one of my favorites. Extremely historically inaccurate but still a nice movie LOL!


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