Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I don't know about you...but I'm feeling 22! *Birthday nails*

Alright admittedly I can't get that dang Taylor Swift song out of my head! I don't even like it that much! But when you turn 22, it just gets stuck there, it's like a law.

But alas, yesterday was my birthday! I turned, as you may have guessed, 22. 

To celebrate I painted my nails with a birthday theme!

If my artwork is too awful for you to comprehend it goes a little something like this: 
thumb- candles, pointer- balloon, two middle- 22, duh; pinky- confetti 

I don't have any good pictures of it, and for that I apologize. I only have what I was able to capture with my phone, which wasn't much.

The base to this manicure was a purchase that I have been eyeing for a while..Essie's Using my maiden name. Such a gorgeous color! This was my first Essie purchase! Having only used it once I can't properly review it yet but that will be coming soon! :)

As you can tell I used a lot of colors for this! the polishes I used go as follows:
I know this is NOT the best picture but..ah well.

We've got from top to bottom- Sally Hanson nail art pen in Black (used for the string of the balloon), Sinful Colors in Irish Green (used for polka dots on '22' fingers), seche vite fast drying top coat, China Glaze in Creative Fantasy (for the balloons), Sinful Colors Nail art in either no more or bonjour- I had both of them out and not sure which one I used, whoops! (used for the candles), Sinful colors Nail art in Rose in Your Nose (for the other candles), Sinful Colors in Unicorn (for the flame of the candles), Sinful Colors Nail Art in  What a Night (for the numbers), Sally Hanson Instadri in Orange Impulse (for the flame of the candles), Ulta in Pinata-yada-yada (for the congetti pinkies), and last but not least Essie in Using My Maiden Name (for the base)

I've got to say this was the most work I've ever put into a manicure and I'm pretty proud of it! I know it's not perfect but I am still really happy with how it turned out. 

As for my birthday, I went to the Florida Aquarium! I know the purpose of this blog is for beauty so I will only include a picture or two :) 
myself and the boyfriend. It may be hard to tell but I'm wearing teal and blue eyeshadow/eyeliner/mascara, and have blue eyebrows. You may not know this but I am a mermaid so going to an aquarium was like returning to my natural habitat and I felt dressed for the part!

Follow your bliss,
Ember Darling


  1. Happy birthday! :D I do like your nail art...especially the confetti finger! Your birthday make up's really pretty too...perfect for an aquarium :) for top coats I don't know if you've tried nyc 99 cent shiny top coat but it's a quick drier (even though its not advertised as one) just use a thick coat Bc the brush will drag the polish around. *sorry for the paragraph lol*

    1. thank you!! This comment made me smile so much :) thank you kind lady! I will have to check out the NYC brand top coat- I had no idea it was a quick dry! Thank you for the heads up! :) And never apologize for what you have to say!!

    2. Oh Your comment made me smile too! :) but yeah it's my favorite top coat! And at like $6 less than seche vite (sp?) You really can't beat it :)

    3. yeah definitely way cheaper! I am actually drowning in seche vite. I picked up one at walmart then saw it for buy one get one free at sally's and THEN I got one on clearance at walgreens. As you can imagine I do not need that many haha but I will definitely pick up the nyc kind since it's so cheap!


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