Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sephora birthday haul!

If you have a sephora near you (or ever plan to buy things online from them) I highly recommend joining the beauty insider program. It's free to join and let's you accrue points with every purchase. But the biggest perk of joining is the birthday gift you recieve!

I just picked mine up today and I can't wait to try them out! 

I have never tried Benefit brand, as it is a little pricey for a budgeting beauty like myself. But I have heard LOTS of things about the brand, especially these two products.
This cute little box included a sample size of their They're real mascara and a smaller sample of their watts up highlighter. 

I am so excited to try out these products! I am going to be super sparing with them since they are so small. I am afraid that if I fall in love with them, I'll need to buy the full size versions! However the good news is the sample size of the highlighter is only $8. That's not so bad, in my opinion.

So I tried to beeline in and out of the store without spending any money but, of course, the clearance section caught my eye. I was delighted to see a $1 bin with a ton of sephora brand mini nail polishes in it! 
I picked up a few because for only $1 I couldn't resist. Because they are miniature the ingredients are REALLY hard to read, but I don't think these are big-3 free, which is a bit of a bummer. But I couldn't pass these up!

I am most excited for the one on the left! As you can see it is a purple/green duochrome, which great shimmer to it that the camera couldn't capture. It's called midnight crawl. It's kind of funny that it shows up mostly purple in the picture, because it looks mostly green in real life. Either way I can't wait to see it on the nail and I will for sure post what it looks like!
In the middle is money maker which is an interesting shade of gray. I don't think I have any gray polishes so I had to snatch it!
On the right is 1st night which is a pale dusty pink. I realized recently that I have NO light pink shades but I have an embarrassing amount of hot pink shades. When, in reality I am much more likely to wear a pale/light/baby pink more than a hot neon pink. So I got this one, too!

What do you think? Are you a beauty insider? Did you snatch up your birthday rewards from them? 

Follow your bliss, 
Ember Darling


  1. Hello, I love the one on the left too!!! I am really into the 2/3 tone polishes that are appearing now and have a similar colour myself!!! I am now following your lovely blog and am here form the "when life gives you links" blog hop :-)

    1. I'm really into those kinds of polishes too! I hope I find more of them! Aw thank you dear, I am now following you too! I love blog hops :) Thanks for checking out my blog and giving it a chance! I really appreciate it, I hope you like what you see!

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  2. I like those polishes and that's a steal! I have to wait until October for my birthday freebies..meh lol

    1. right! $1 for a sephora polish?! Sign me up. I had to refrain from buying the whole bin (I certainly wanted to) also aw but that's not TOO far away! It's almost July already...or maybe it's just me that the year is going by ridiculously fast for?? :P

  3. I have the 'The Real' mascara & I love it. iv got a review on it on my blog. Your gonna love it & gnna be wanting to buy the full size :P

    1. I will check out your review! I hope I don't want to buy the full expensive! haha! But if it's worth splurging for then I just might! I actually still haven't tried it yet...I don't know what I'm waiting for!!

  4. get to ur make up store asap & try it. m sure ul love it.


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