Sunday, June 16, 2013

My fatkini ...a lesson in loving yourself

An attack on "Things fat girls shouldn't do"
25 Things Fat People Shouldn't Do is an unabashed middle finger to the preposterous idea that any human who weighs more than the status quo does not deserve to live a full and well rounded (ahem) life. The list of 25 is composed word for word from direct lists of sheer assholery found on the internet. These range from the absurd to the profoundly shameful, and I will be disproving this offensive notion with style. Feel free to join in on the fun, and if you do, link at the bottom so I can share. May the Chub Club live long and prosper! -- Jes of the militant baker

I spent wasted a lot of time in my life being ashamed of my body. Outside forces and the media led me to believe that you can be fat or you can be pretty, you can't be both. You can be fat and want to fix it, or you can be skinny and love your body. But being fat and loving your body? Unheard of!

Over the past two years I've been on a fantastic adventure learning to love my body. and I've never been happier!! 

One of the things that has made me the most confident in myself is the purchase of my fatkini! 

Over my life I have been bombarded with the notion that you have to "achieve a perfect beach body!" I spent a lot of time covering myself up as I went to the pool and beach (and I live in FLORIDA!) of course I finally shook my head and said no no no, this will not do!

I hope that I can inspire at least one person to step outside of what they have always been comfortable in. The weight that lifts off your shoulders is unbelievable!

Here's a few pictures that were snapped of me this weekend, as I was swimming!

Follow your bliss, all the way to the beach!
Ember Darling


  1. You look bloody great, and I love the quote at the top (gonna have to check out the author of it too!!! Do you twitter? If you do (and don't already do this!!!) you should follow the #psbloggers on there. They believe very strongly in "fat acceptance" And are a group of really smashing girls. xxx

    1. Aw thank you! Yes I love Jes! I am ashamed I didn't find her sooner. You can find her in the clickthrough after the quote or the comment above you is her! :P and I do have twitter! I have a personal and a blogger one, I will be adding follow links soon so be sure to follow! And somehow I never knew about that hashtag, thanks for the heads up! I'm gonna check it out right now!

  2. You are fine as hell, realtalk

  3. Love your suit! Your beautiful! Where did you get it at?

    1. thank you very much! I got it from Torrid last year, hopefully they will have something like it again this year :)

    2. ooh! I was just looking and Target actually has very similar bathing suits available right now in their plus size section :) cheaper than torrid, too! Hope you find them.

  4. Absolutely some of the hottest bikini shots ever, ridiculously sexy

  5. You are gorgeous! :)


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