Friday, July 12, 2013

Inner Beauty Friday

So while this may be a beauty oriented blog I wanted to make something clear: I believe above all else that outer beauty is not important.
I believe in making yourself beautiful to your standards.
Not anyone elses.
I don't want anyone to think that I am obsessed with makeup and care so much about my appearance. The cold hard truth is pretty far from that. I am usually too lazy to put on makeup. 

The point is, I wear makeup for me. Because I like experimenting with colors and seeing what new things I can try. I do not believe in the idea that everyone has to wear makeup, or that you have to wear makeup to be beautiful.

I just wanted to be very clear on that

Because it's something I feel so strongly about, I was always attracted to "Inner Beauty Fridays" that Jasmine/ Green eyed monster posts every week. 

I think it's important to identify that there are much more important things to focus on improving, rather than your looks.

SO, without further ado, welcome to my first edition of Inner Beauty Friday

Today, I took a deep breath, and applied to college.....again.

I graduated from high school four years ago. When I first graduated, I had zero interest in going to college. I felt that college isn't necessary, nor for everyone. I still feel that way, but now I'm a bit smarter about it. I was a bit of a little punk back then, and just wanted to rebel.

For the first year or so, I thought about college but not enough to actually pursue it. Then about a year and a half ago, I made the effort to apply. 

I have been through a lot of shit involving my community college. Financial aid has screwed me, deadlines have caught me off guard...long story short, I still haven't been to college!

I know that I'm going to be in debt for a very long time. I know that with this economy, having a degree doesn't guarantee you a job. I know all this, but I still want to go so badly, it hurts. 

I'm a gemini- I don't know if you believe in all that stuff but the basics of a Gemini fits me pretty dang well. I have a thirst for learning. I want to be educated. I yearn to be taught new things.

So, today I took that first step...again. It's a scary place to venture into. It's extremely overwhelming, if you've never done it before. Especially on your own. A lot of people have their parents helping them, or don't have to worry about things like financial aid. But some of us have to suck it up and do it ourselves!

So, wish me luck, blogging world. I hope that come next week I will be all signed up for classes, and ready to finally begin this new adventure in life.

I believe in educating yourself and making yourself the best you that you can be, and that's what inner beauty is all about!  

Does anyone else have experience in struggling with going back to school? What's inner beauty to you

Let me know! Jasmine and I have thought about making this a blog-hop kinda thing, with as many people getting involved as possible.

Follow your bliss, all the way to school!
Ember Darling


  1. Hi, Thank you for stopping by my blog and following. I am now a new follower on GFC :)

    I think this post about inner beauty is such a good idea. There are so many people who are more concerned about the superficial and looks.

    1. Thank you so much! I found you on the life gives you links bloghop. I'm glad you like the inner beauty friday feature! :) Thanks for stopping by and saying hi xo

  2. Well done bubba! It's always hard making the first step but hopefully it'll all be worth it in the end...knowledge is beautiful, and knowledge is power...I'm a Gemini too :-) ... I don't really believe in astrology to be honest but I do love to learn, you grow so much as a human being when you feed yourself with knowledge.....and you are absolutely right, there is more to life than outer beauty, that's something we all need to keep reminding ourselves because it's so easy getting swept up in our appearance....I love posts like this :-) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. yes I am sure it will be worth it!! Thanks for the encouragement. Us Geminis gotta stick together! I wouldn't say I ~believe~ in it, but there sure are a lot of coincidences! It's fun to believe sometimes :) And yes it is so easy to get caught up that's why I want to make an effort to do this every friday :) Like I said, there's another blog that does it and we want to create a blog hop for it so if you're interested, you can join in! :)

  3. Good for you! I definately hope the best for you :) do you mind me asking what job youre going for after college? I'm more of a "semi worthless" knowledge chaser kinda person LOL. I'm actually trying to learn how to read tarot cards then venture into sewing...when I can buy a sewing machine anyway :) I'm trying to get myself to read more because my attention span hasn't been cooperative...when I do read I have about 4 going at once! I do like posts like this kinda makes blogs more of a friendly/personal place...and of course inner beauty is MUCH more important than whatever you can paint on your face! I also do it simply because I like to play with's like art to me! Oh and for what it matters I'm a libra with a Chinese zodiac pig year with life path number 4 :p I'm sort of an astrology/ aspiring numerology nerd :o)

    1. Thank you SO much! Encouragement like this definitely makes my day. Hah, funny you should ask...I basically change my mind every day. Haha that's one of the reasons I have waited so long to go back, because I keep changing my mind! I consider marketing, teaching, politics, communications, I'm all over the place! haha. But sewing and tarot reading isn't worthless! they are pretty cool talents! and yes makeup IS an art! I agree completely. Hahah that's awesome! one of my close friends is reaallly into astrology, so she talks about it around me a lot. What's a life path number, I've never heard of it? MAybe you can help me figure mine out! :P Thanks for stopping by and thanks for leaving such a sweet comment! xo

  4. So glad you're going back to school! It's the best choice.
    And I love what you had to say about inner beauty.
    I just came across your blog and am now following via GFC.

    Xo, Elsa
    Mix and Match the F word

    1. Thank you, I agree! Thanks for following and commenting! I'm gonna check your blog out right now! :)


    "Inner Beauty Friday" is such a wonderful idea and I wanted to let you know personally that you are an INSPIRATION! Keep up the great work and don't let silly problems in life get you down. College is hard work, and I know there are tons of deadlines and things to remember but I know you can earn your degree if you apply yourself. In a couple of years you'll look back on this moment and think "damn, im glad i did this!"

    1. You have no idea how much this comment made my day! Thank you soo much lovely. If you want to join in on the inner beauty friday fun, then please do! Jasmine and I are trying to make it into a blog hop where people can link up and see each others inner beauty...I would love it if a ton of people got involved! Thanks again for the comment, I really appreciate it!


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