Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Fashion Wishlist

It's funny being a part of the blogging world. Bloggers need to be one step ahead and talk about trends in advance so they always post about the upcoming seasonal trends.

However when you live in Florida it's hard to get excited about fall (my favorite season) when it is still 85 degrees out every day! Here we are finally at the end of October experiencing SOME cooler temperatures and I am ready to talk about fall! ....Just in time to realize that most blogs have already moved on to winter! 

Well, I know I don't have to worry about winter for a LONG time since Florida isn't known for it's wintery weather!

So, here are some of the clothes I have found on my wishlist this fall. Most of these clothes don't fit the fall weather motif because, again, florida. But I am in love with all of them!

Being plus sized really limits your options as to where to find cute, affordable clothing. So, some of these are way out of my price range. All I can do is sit and wistfully look at them online and daydream about the day where I can make them mine.  That's why this is called a wishlist. If I could afford them, this would be called a haul. ;)

The first store I found myself lusting after is AsosCurve. They have a very large selection of plus size clothes. However most of these clothes are indeed out of my price range. I have been given permission to only share pictures that do not include a model in them so unfortunately I can't show you most of my favorite picks. 
However, I can show you my absolute favorite one- the one that I want the most.

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These burgundy tights are absolutely a must-have for fall. I love this color, and it's definitely a hard one to come by in stores. You can find these tights here for just $10.68. I would honestly pay this price for these tights because I love them so much.

Now for the second brand I'm featuring, Modcloth. Modcloth recently added a plus size section and it is HUGE! Modcloth is basically my dream brand. If I had no budget I would buy practically all my clothes from there! I have yet to purchase anything from them because of my budget that unfortunately does exist. However I still find myself window shopping every chance I get. So here are some of my favorites I have found!

First up is this adorable constellation print dress. I love the print but I also love the neckline of this dress! 
This dress is $129.99 and can be found here

I really love this top. The collar and detailing are so cute. 
This top is $47.99 and can be found here. Currently they are out of all plus sizes but they tend to restock often so I hope to see it back in stock shortly! 

Ah yes, the coveted galaxy tights. It's hard to find printed leggings in plus sizes so when I saw these I knew they were going right on my wish list! I like galaxies and I like leggings. What's not to love!
These leggings retail for $34.99 and can be found here

This whimsical dress is covered with red balloons. This dress is currently out of stock in plus sizes but again if they restocked it I might consider buying it. It's currently on sale for $55.99 and can be found here!

This dress definitely makes me feel like a 50's housewife. I love it. This dress really shows the Modcloth style which is mostly vintage inspired pieces. I love the fit of it! It can be found here for $84.99

The last dress I fell in love with is this lovely number. If I wore this I would feel like I was going to a tea party!! It's so adorable and delicate, I feel like you would wear gloves with it! The aptly named Tea Cupcake dress is also sadly sold out of plus sizes but, again, modcloth restocks often so I hope to see this guy make a return! It's currently on sale for $47.99 and can be found here

This sweatshirt is currently out of stock (in all sizes) and at $49.99 waaay out of my price range but I just had to include it. I am That Guy who would talk on and on about their cat if you asked. So I felt it was appropriate! You can find it here.

And last but not least, shoes!!

Speaking of how much I love cats! These adorable heels are $59.99 and can be found here

In case you couldn't tell, I like quirky shoes! I really like foxes and I think these shoes are just darling. The only size left here is a 6 but I would attempt to shove my size 9 feet into them just to get some of this cuteness on my tootsies. They retail for $57.99

Lastly there are these grey booties that I am madly in love with. While the other two shoes were "aw, cute, I would like to have these!" these shoes are more like "I could really see myself wearing these every damn day." They are currently out of my size so I guess my wallet doesn't have to worry about me dropping the $37.99 on them. They can be found here if you don't have the most common shoe size (9).

Well those are some of my pics from Modcloth and Asos, did you see anything you liked? Do you love shopping at Modcloth too? Share some of your favorites below in the comments!

Follow your bliss,
Ember Darling


  1. I loveeee the maroon tights, perfect for fall!

    1. Right!! they really are so perfect for the season. I want them!!

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  3. The gray boots are adorbs! You're right, they would go with everything, especially the maroon tights!

    1. absolutely!! they would look so cute together! Now I want them both even more! haha thanks for stopping by and commenting! xox

  4. I love all those dresses!! Especially the constellation one *drools * lol that's a little much for me too considering I never really go anywhere that I could wear it too...but damn its gorgeous! Where are your fav places for plus size clothes? I shop at debs alot...they have amazing clearance deals alot :) oh and I woke up to snow in thankful for that Florida weather ;)

    1. Right!! same here. It makes me happy to look at but I don't think I could ever buy it. But I can daydream! My fav places to shop are Target (their juniors go up to XXL and are so cute usually!), Dots, Rainbow, and Torrid. I try not to go to Torrid much since it's out of my budget usually. We don't have a Debs here but I have heard they have cute stuff, I'll have to take a look online. and ok, when you put it that way yes Florida is better than snow hahah at least in october. I could deal with a little snow in december.. Lol

    2. Lol I agree! I can appreciate snow in December...maybe even November bur October? Nah. Haha I've never heard of dots or they have online stores? Torrid is expensive but they do have cute stuff...I wish I had a target closer! It's like an hour away :( but I didn't know they had plus sizes! I'll def check it out when I'm there!

    3. haha exactly! October is not the time for snow. Dots is just and Rainbow is They both have really good prices and if there is a Dots around you I definitely suggest checking it out because they always have really good clearance deals. That sucks that Target is so far from you! But definitely take a look. Another store that is very unexpected to me is Kmart...I never would have thought to shop there but I was there and discovered that they have pretty cute stuff! I got some stuff REALLY cheap from Selena Gomez's line! It goes up to 3x!

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