Monday, October 28, 2013

My First Cut Crease

Part of being obsessed interested in makeup means constantly trying to challenge yourself and improve your skill. I had used much of the same techniques for 95% of my life. It wasn't until recently that I found the thrill of challenging myself to try new things. 

I find inspiration on youtube, pinterest, and instagram. There are two ladies that live near me, @jemapellebree and @janeenersss on instagram (seriously- check them out) that always created such beautifully blended perfect cut creases. Seeing their work and knowing they were self-taught gave me the inspiration to attempt a cut crease myself.

For my first time trying something I was pretty pleased with the results. I have a LOT of room for improvement! But I've got to say, I am still happy with how it came out. 

All constructive criticism is appreciated! However if you don't have anything nice or constructive to say, then keep it to yourself. Don't have time for any hate!

For the sake of full transparency, I must say that some of these pictures have been edited by way of attempting to color correct. These pictures were taken on my cell phone so the quality and color were not great. I did the best I could to correct. 


The lines aren't as crisp as they could/should be. 

uneven eye alert HEYO

To achieve this look, I put the 3rd & 4th colors from the 'pink/red' row of the Elf Little Black  Beauty Book (pictured below) all over my eyelid. I then took my Maybelline gel eyeliner and drew a line across the crease. I blended that line upward and added a little bit of black eyeshadow to it. I should have blended it more, and taken the pink out more into the wing to match the black. Things to remember for next time :) 

What do you think? 
Have you ever tried a cut crease before?
Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Follow your bliss,
Ember Darling


  1. Oh man don't you love the uneven eye? I do that to myself all the time haha I think it looks cool! I never saw a cut crease before...I think it would look really cool if you took your eyeliner (waterline) and bring it up to the black crease...I'm thinkin one hella wing!

    1. Hahah the sad part is I don't even think I realized it until I went to post the pictures. I have a really hard time with making things even. Oh well! Lol. Thanks!! One of my favorite artists QueenofBlending does the most amazing cut creases, you should check her out. and yesss when I posted this look on facebook a friend of mine told me basically the same thing and I was like DUH! Why didn't I do that!! haha oh well I'll have to remember it for next time! Thanks for your input! xo

  2. Replies
    1. thank you! If you think this is bold wait for what's in store ;)

  3. Making things even is my biggest problem too. :P Congratulations on branching out with your techniques.

    1. haha I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I really need to work on that! and thank you!!

  4. I think it looks real good for a first time try. I myself have not yet been brave enough to try a cut crease. Sigh. Maybe one day. I applaud your effort.

    1. You should try! You don't even have to show anyone! :P And thank you. I've got to practice a lot more but hey it's a start! Thanks for the love!

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